The First Party

The first party at Astoria SL

This photo still makes me laugh out loud – as it did when it was taken in 2007.   Grandpa (identity unknown) was totally passed out, if my memory serves me correctly – it was due to the abundance of absinthe I was serving.  Kerupa Flow (now a famous virtual world artist!) quickly donned her nurse outfit and was ready to provide assistance!

Ahhhh, my early days in Second Life seem like a million years ago!   The photo is at the original “center” of Astoria della Mar.  After renting a few places, I’d finally decided on some mainland of my own, with a lake!   I had visions of creating a lush landscape with vintage decor – and in the photos, you can see the beginnings of my landscaping obsession!   (and that’s me, overdressed in the black cocktail dress!)

..the Argue Poseballs!

Before Grandpa was flattened, he and his friend (her name escapes me now) were having an argument, as you can see above.  This animation is STILL a popular attraction at Astoria, people even bring their friends over to try it.  It’s an early Abranimations creation, I think (I’d better check sometime). The facial animations are great – these photos do not do it justice!

I don’t know if it was early photo technique, bad graphic card, viewer settings, changes in the terrain…but gads, this photo content looks awful! (no offense to the photographer intended!) Or perhaps it’s just my sentimental memory that thinks it should appear greener and ..prettier, than it appears here.  In the pic below, you get another angle..featuring the first waterfall.  Jester Wildcat did an awesome job, they are still there today (though surrounded by clutter!).  The basic terrain is the same, but I hope that Astoria is looking prettier these days!  🙂

I did not know these two avis well, but I immediately was impressed with their unique look, their choice to not go for the Ken and Barbie Doll appearance.  To this day, it’s rare that I see avatars that aren’t doll-like!  (even my own!)

When I first opened Astoria, I threw a few of these events/parties.  Always fun, but always stressful to me.  Perhaps I took it all to seriously – but I’d worry before, worry during, worry after!  Ultimately, I grew to dislike events and avoid them at all costs!  and, errm….well, ultimately, I’ve become a hermit.  But I suppose that’s a different blog!


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