The Cover of My Book

The 2009 "Look"

I’ve yet to meet an avatar that didn’t have extreme interest in their appearance!  Countless hours and unknown amounts of $$ spent on making your character “just right.”  Just like our Real Life appearance – there are so many ways to display ourselves.

I’m no different than the other avis – perhaps even worse!

One of the appeals for virtual activity is the opportunity to take on any shape you want.  You can be a dragon, pirate, princess, squirrel, runway model, super-hero, or even try to duplicate your RL skin!  You can change your mind daily – the virtual creators provide an incredible variety of choices.  Even like this random visitor to Astoria SL in 2009….

That's me, on the right...

Perhaps because I’m not interested in Role Play, I want my avatar to look like a female human.  I’m sure I’m not alone with my first noobie goals – to be as sexy as possible!  Shiny and sparkly, blinging my way through the metaverse with the shortest skirt and the highest stilettos possible!  When I look back, it’s like seeing my RL photos from the 80’s..the bad hair, the ridiculous shoulder pads and the shoes!  Eeeek!  What was I thinking?

I couldn’t agree more with the endless discussions about avatar overcompensation.  Unrealistic females with legs too long, waists too narrow and breasts too large – and the guys with shoulders much too wide for their waist and hips, then quads bursting their pants!  And height??  OMG, height!  Heights are soaring!  It took a few months, at least, before I started noticing this – and even then, it was “other avatars” that did that…not moi!

Eventually I think we all find that gadget that translates your avi height to RL height – were you as surprised as I was to discover a giant??  LOL  Promptly I brought my avi height down to something more like RL!  …and then discovered I was a midget compared to everyone around me.  *sigh* I’ve yet to figure out how to get everyone to do it MY way!

Ultimately I settled for something in between realistic and average.  Then I aspired to create a more…full figured avi – something less like Barbie.  I didn’t feel the need to make her have my RL shape (hahahaha)  (Ha!) – but I also didn’t want her to be a typical overly perfect shape.


January 2007 - moi!

This was the first look I was rather happy with.   I then became fond of wearing reading glasses, up-dos and then wild curly hair!

I never did get the more “average” size/shape I’d hoped for – though, on more occasions than I can count, I was complimented for not being too skinny!  (my RL ego thinks twice about that sort of compliment!)


Wild AND Smart, lol

I probably kept this look the longest (2008-2009)- thinking it gave me the sexy and smart look – lol, it’s absolutely AMAZING how attached we become to our avatar! (btw, the photo is shot in a garden loft I’d created.  I loved the pond, the arches (thanks Mike Hamlin!) and the great collection of antiques I’d collected.  It is missed!)

Of course, I’ve changed the cover on my book/avi yet again – (which I’ll surely show in future post) and ya know, I am beginning to think you CAN judge my SL book by it’s cover!


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