Home is Where the Prims Are

If I was to try to describe why an avi needs a virtual home, I’m sure it would sound ridiculous to anyone who hasn’t been here!  (not that this whole thing doesn’t sound ridiculous to most!)  Isn’t the whole point of being in this environment, to go out and socialize?  It’s not as if your avi is in-world while you’re at RL work…

I have met 2-3 people who seem to have managed finding a comfortable life – homeless!  Yet even they, have a default Home – a place where they may sign in or out of.  A quiet spot where they can try out a new outfit or fix their hair.  A place that allows them to rez objects – like shopping packages full of new shoes !!…that need editing.   A special event that needs the perfect ensemble.  A certain attachment you can’t be seen editing in public!

If you choose to pursue romantic relationships here, you definitely need a place to call home.  Yes, there are many public/free romantic spots to visit and explore, but privacy can become a valuable commodity!

Deciding to get your first home is a big deal – as it (usually) involves some sort of financial commitment.   But for just a few bucks a week, you can have your own apartment!!!

I think I waited 3 weeks before I decided to get rent a place.  My neighbor was Nic Paravane!  (a great gal!)  I knew Nic already because we were both strippers at Benny Rosebud’s “Paradise Club”…which I think still exists, on the Sand region….but I digress!

I was extremely nervous and concerned about my $3usd per week commitment for this studio apartment – but it was in a very cute high-rise building with an ocean view and I was allowed 35 prims!  I was sure this little apartment could never need more than 35 items of furniture – I was going to be living in style!!

Generous friends had all given me freebie furniture – sofa, chairs, tables, bed, fruit basket and a giant bright pink flying penis!

I tried a bit of decorating (a slow and painful process) – first rezzing my chair and table.  They didn’t match and were, well frankly, they were…ugly!  If I spent just a few dollars I could totally deck this place out with some cool furniture!  With some fresh Ls and LMs in my pocket, I set out to find some cool antiques!

…and did I ever!  I was lucky to discover the amazing Jeannie Moonflower’s store.  A full sim, room after room, multiple floors, FILLED with antiques of every era!  Her light fixtures were unlike anything I’d seen – and I’d seen a lot in my 3 weeks!  🙂  I was siting on the edge of my seat!  I invited Berford (forgot her last name) to see these creations.  She commented that they were “lovely but so high prim!” I was secretly pleased she thought they might be too…classy – prim and proper!

I managed to restrain myself and just buy the essentials – after all, I only had room for 35 pieces of furniture in my studio, right?

I guess I don’t have to tell you how that chapter turned out!!

Within a day, I went from confused about prims to becoming a prim whore!  This studio apartment was not going to do at all!  Returning to the land rental pages, I found an attractive house, in a neighborhood with lots of water and it’s own deck, yard and hot-tub!  It was only going to cost $1.00 per week more than the place I was giving up…this was gonna be great!  This place allowed over 100 prims – I’d be able to rez my new things – and probably get some more!  The landlord told me I could upgrade my lease for more prims if I needed.

I needed.  I really needed.  There were amazing designers here!  Clever and fun furnishings that let your avi sit on them and look awesome.  I needed that great rug with pillows that let all my new avi friends sit in front of the great fireplace – with real flames and fire sounds!  Art deco decor!  No…wait, Louis XIV…but this mid-century stuff is great too!  *sigh*

I threw a party and invited everyone I knew!  To decorate for it, I needed just a few more prims allowed on my parcel and the landlord quickly helped out!


Interior of an early home.

and the next home ....


Within a month I was renting 1/4 region on a stunning private sim – sobbing 2 months later when the landlord left and removed his sims – then annoyed, when the restrictions were too picky at the next private sim I rented from – and within 6 months of joining SL I was paying tier for a small lot on the Masan mainland sim.  The prim addiction grew and grew – and my lot became Astoria della Mar and my tier for one full region.

Astoria - the beginning!


It wasn’t all just because of my prim addiction -Really!  There were lots of great motivators for expanding my space!  In particular, the objects I learned to create and sell (Glimmer Moon Warehouse), the great musical events each week, even providing space for friends to call their own home.

The space wrapped up in things I find beautiful and interesting!  Nostalgic, quirky, unique…a development of virtual space, but more magically – a development of creativity in myself.  I’ve NEVER felt creative and always admired those who are.  SL and my little place called Astoria have unfurled this fun and stimulating new thing for me.  I actually feel creative here!

At the time of writing this, I’ve greatly reduced the size of Astoria in SL, and much to my surprise, I’m surviving quite well.  🙂

Meanwhile, this newfangled InWorldz has lured me over to experiment…have you heard that their sims have 45,000 (yes, 45,000) prims each???  For a third the cost of SL?

/me searches Inventory for her cute pink tee-shirt that says “Prim Whore” on the front….


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  1. InWorldz is like a playground! I love all the prims we have to play with!!

    p.s. You’re a hermit?!

    • Playground is a great word for it! The extra prims here still make me squirm!

      p.s. I am definitely a happy hermit – dependent on people like you to tell me what’s going on outside my sim! btw – I never found your new teeth in Search…I must write you IWz to get an LM. I will leave home for a good fashion lead!

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