A Dancer’s Muse

Astoria della Mar, InWorldz

My prior report about prim counting will confirm that I also didn’t know a thing about building.  It was about six months before I rezzed my first plain wood box.  My mouse hand was actually shaking!  Today, my house hand is prone to pain and strain, from too much building!

Building skills and enthusiasm vary amongst my friends and acquaintances.  A few don’t/won’t/can’t build at all.  Many seem to build/create as needed – they have the basic skills and weigh out the time vs. expense for the object.  Yet, others are here specifically to create – creating objects/fashions for sale or exhibit.

A bouncy baby prim!

There are 2 components – skills and creativity.  Of course you need to know your way around the Build menu – but, having inspiration for something to create, is another story.

I hope I’m not the only one who used some other creator’s modifiable object to experiment with.  I took them apart and then made replicas.  It was a helpful tool for me!

This was a fun feeling of accomplishment, but… quickly grew dull.  My most coveted purchases were some non-mod vintage lamps – so I tried my hand at creating my own versions.

Oh they were beautiful!  A complex 3 prim concoction – it even glowed – sort of like a light.  I made a series in a wide variety of colors and quickly figured out how to sell them on Xstreet.com!  I was going to be RICH from these babies!!

LOL, or not!  They were complete shit!

The First Creation!

Not a single lamp ever sold!!  Couldn’t people see my clever skills??  🙂

It was months before I tried my hand at anything else – and then it was for some steps and retaining walls – (look behind the lovely lamp) I wanted around Astoria.

Now that I was a BUILDER, look out!  I learned how to make a flexy plant with a transparency plant texture – and that was exciting, but when rezzed alongside Julia Hathor’s amazing plants (I own every single plant she has created!) my plants came up sorely lacking.

Other than wanting to save some money, (like with all those big texture packs!) there was no real unique creative inspiration behind my builds.

Since SL has amazing creations, I was able to fill the Astoria space with unique and beautiful objects.  I LOVED the antiques I could buy and had a blast decorating and landscaping.  I was actually quite proud to be supporting the SL economy!  It never occurred to me that anything would be more fun than shopping!

At some point during my 2nd year of 2nd Life, I realized that creating textures was often the key to unique objects.  I’d heard of PhotoShop, of course…but Jester Wildcat told me about GIMP, which I downloaded and began experimenting with.  Gads, it was complicated and I could do NOTHING!  Slowly, like everything else I learned – it started to become a helpful tool.

Eventually, in year 3, the skills became more useful, and gradually the creative ideas began to sneak in.  A few chairs, mirrors, a fireplace, beaded hippy curtains…I actually liked these items – and much to my surprise, people bought them!

Advertisement for my store.

I had shifted from buying endless amounts of antique crap to creating endless amounts of antique crap – and it was so much fun!   It was very satisfying to see an idea take shape.  So satisfying that it began to overshadow most everything else I’d come to SL for!  (but that’s a different blog)

Fast forward to October 2010 and my entrance to InWorldz.  I had so many great feelings about being there.  A fresh feeling, starting from scratch with an Inventory that contained only the basics (and sometimes not even those things!) and people that were so generous without being pushy or nosy!  A wonderful sense of camaraderie and a genuine desire to make IWz a good experience.

I went to a sandbox and began experimenting.  With so few textures, sculpt maps, etc in my inventory it was a unique feeling.  Somehow it made me think more logically about my approach to building.  I’d always “eyeballed” my builds in SL, but here…it dawned on me that the Edit tools could be put to better use and there might actually be something beneficial about geometric symmetry!  LOL …or perhaps I had  finally figured out how to use all the tools available.

At first, it seemed important to figure out how to transfer items from SL to IWz.  That didn’t last long, and quickly I was wanting to do the reverse!  I was liking my IWz creations better than my SL stuff…somehow, my IWz stuff was cooler, fresher, better quality.

Astoria Bandstand, InWorldz

Something has really been set free within me, since I’ve joined IWz!  For the first time, I actually feel creativity in my head!  I’m looking at RL with a different eye, contemplating the way to recreate certain things virtually.  I have a list on my RL desk …things I want to add to Astoria, IWz.  It keeps growing – even though I’m also drawing lines through completed items.

Of course it helps that IWz is so much less expensive than SL.  You can’t imagine how it feels to have 45,000 prims at your disposal.  Okay, maybe you can imagine!  🙂  I’ve always been a detail oriented decorator – and IWz gives me the freedom to do that.  Odds and ends scattered about, a calculated randomness to object placement, clusters or nooks for conversation or a cuddle, and the biggest detail of all – the skylines.

I have long been an enthusiast of the amazing virtual photography.  Check out the FlickR or KoinUp sites for SL/OS photos and you’ll see why!  These photographers of virtual content will get a blog from me, showing some of their great works.  But, until then, I must confess – more than any thing else in my IWz, they are currently Dancer’s Muse!

The Oasis IWz


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