I Hate to Complain, but….

Things are off kilter in my SL (photo 2007)

I remember very clearly from my earliest days of SL that we use the grid at our own risk.  No guarantees that you’ll have your stuff, your land, even your avi, tomorrow.

Like everyone I knew back then… tp issues, lag, sim crashes, hair and shoes up your bum, , etc., were all a part of the deal.  A hassle, but no real “losses” for me.

I grow tired quickly listening to others complain about these things…It couldn’t be THAT bad, could it?  And, I’m sorry for your struggles, but, don’t bring my SL experience down with your problems… Complaining only depresses us both!  If it’s that bad, sign out for awhile.  And please, surely there are enough blogs full of crying and whining already??

Well, I can’t shut up anymore – I’ve got to write this down – and sadly, I’m asking you to listen!

My SL experience has really taken a dive.  In October, while exploring a Group Land error I’d made, I discovered I was double billed for my tier (a $200+usd error).  My avi is borked – I’m a cloud or Ruth 99% of the time – unless I change viewers.  That’s ok, but with the other viewer, I have no assets or access to About Land menu.

At no time does everything work.

Of course, I’ve tried all the tricks I can think of – scoured the forums for new tips and spent hours with endless Tickets and Concierge Support.   All to no avail.  Particularly disappointing was the customer service from LL.  Not only did it not  help, but they were often vague, even rude! – and their typing/spelling was atrocious!

For several years, I had AWESOME support from LL…this change is the biggest surprise and disappointment for me.

A case of SL burnout had crept in this past autumn, and I discovered InWorldz – so I’m not really minding my viewer issues too much.

Mostly I’m disappointed that the SL/LL support is so bad.  That after years of unconditional support for them, I get none in return.

Whew, I feel better!  I’m done trying to fix things there – and I don’t really feel too bad about it.  Perhaps I’ll retire Dancer and use an alt… perhaps I don’t really need it all to work perfectly.  and truly, I’m not wanting to feel bitter about all of this.  SL has been an awesome adventure!!!

Bruce, AM and Jac get a huge hug for listening to my whimpering!

Thanks so much for listening!

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  1. Well holy cow. A day after this post, I received my first Ticket follow-up from LL. Mind you, it was a team member I’d had live support with, a month ago. At that time, he’d told me to file a ticket and gave me a wiki link…LOL, today’s follow up suggested the same wiki link, as if we’d never discussed it before. But, perhaps it’s a step in the right direction…? /me is modestly hopeful.

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