Glimmer Moon Antiquities – InWorldz

Below you’ll find a photo series of items I’ve created InWorldz ( ).  Most items are mod/copy.  They’re all available to view in person – but, take a glance at the snapshots below if you need a teaser!  Newest content always at the top of the page.  All the store locations are available via my InWorldz Profile picks and classifieds!  I’m happy to deliver, send them as a gift, or provide a mod/no copy version for you to share.  Need a variation on a piece?  …just send an IM!

Most items are available in SL also!  🙂

Just two beautiful prims!

Just two beautiful prims!

19th Century Dresser wLegs

3 prims – pardon the typo in description above.

Map of 1800 Philadelphia Advert

18th Century Mahogany Bureau - 2 Prims (copy/mod)

18th Century Mahogany Bureau – 2 Prims (copy/mod)

1 Prim Bookshelf (copy/mod)

1 Prim Bookshelf (copy/mod)

Heibei Blue Buffet - 2 Prims (copy/mod)

Heibei Blue Buffet – 2 Prims (copy/mod)

18th Century Male Study - 1 Prim (copy/mod)

18th Century Male Study – 1 Prim (copy/mod)

1720 Portrait of a Gentleman - 1Prim (copy/mod)

1720 Portrait of a Gentleman – 1Prim (copy/mod)

Heibei Cabinet - 3 Prims (copy/mod)

Heibei Cabinet – 3 Prims (copy/mod)

Little Black Clock - 3 Prim (copy/mod)

Little Black Clock – 3 Prim (copy/mod)

Blue Curio Cabinet - Just 1 Prim!  (copy/mod)

Blue Curio Cabinet – Just 1 Prim! (copy/mod)

Boudoir Pitcher and Bowl

Only 2 prims – rich with Victorian style!

Pick Me by Robert Larkin

Robert Larkin is a RL artist, and a friend of mine.  I feel very fortunate to own this painting in RL…can’t imagine why it took me so long to create the digital version.  But listen….Robert’s 5 year old son Jake is VERY ill.  He has a rare bone marrow disorder.  They’re looking for a donor match – and it’s so easy to learn if you can help.  It’s a simple cheek swab that could save Jake’s life.   Learn how you can help Jake and the worldwide data bank for this new donor technique at

Bowl of Pears

Good enough to eat!  Just 1 calorie, errr, prim each pear!  Or grab the whole bowl for 5 prims.  The torchiere’ and candelabra are described below in earlier posts.

The Fez Bench

A relaxed spoon animation for two avis on this rustic bench with ambient lighting.  14 prims, copy/mod.

Crusade's Spears

Crusade’s Spears

I guess some people thought that The Crusades were a good idea at the time….??  Just 3 prims each – C/M, of course.

Viking Lamp

Please don’t laugh – I know it’s silly!  🙂 4 prims and C/M.



Just one tasty prim each – strawberry or peach preserves.  (C/M)



…Lemon tree very pretty…but the bowl of lemons is sweeter!  8 prims, copy mod.  There’s a single lemon, lemon with leaf, and half lemon.  Bowl is easily tinted to match your space.

The Seated Scribe

I swiped this from the Louvre on my last visit… 🙂  It IS one of the oldest pieces there.  Don’t tell anyone, but I think this one is is a forgery!  Just 3 prims  – and…looks 3-D, but isn’t.

Faberge Eggs and the Victorian Octagon Table

Oooh the Faberge’ Eggs were fun to make – especially the open one with a strand of diamonds and rubies inside!  The simple table and basic eggs are just one prim, the open egg is 4.  All copy/mod.

Simple Sideboard

Just one prim and lots of vintage feel for this wooden sideboard.   I’ve tinted this one to be redwood, but easy to change to match your needs.   The new Kirnan rug is a bit faded… and there are new elegant green glasses for sherry.    There are dozens of single books around the shop – but that’s a new little linked stack of six!

Lights and gilt!

Still need to lighten’ up?  Le Petite Lamp (3 prims) on the left has an easily tintable vintage shade and a fine trim of vintage bead work.  If you need a dash of royalty, peek at the golden scepter.  Just two shiny prims!   On the right, the Angelic Candelabra.  An indulgence in prims! 5 candles with flickering flames and the little angel in the middle (so near the flames!)  17 prims.   All items are copy/mod.

Hanging Triple Globe Lamp

As you’ll see, it’s been all about lighting at Glimmer Moon lately….

Downton Downstairs Kitchen Light

Definitely inspired from the Masterpiece Theater’s Downton Abbey!  More details here… 10 prims – copy/mod (tint!!!)

Tiffany Torchieres

Similar – but different!  Just a decade apart in their designs.   The table top torchiere’ has the curvy Victorian lines (2 prims)…while the standing torchiere’ is smooth and sleek, into the art deco era (3 prims).  Tiffany glass shade manages to work with ANY decade!

Downton Sage Torchiere’

From an upstairs bedroom at Downton Abbey – just 3 prims.  That globe is easily tintable to any shade to suit your decor.

Tiffany Table Lamp

Do you remember the 1980’s pop star, Tiffany?  This has nothing to do with her!  🙂  Just two prims and lots of Victorian detail.

New Liquor

Just 1 prim each – these bottles aspire to be name brand labels….copy/mod, of course.

Incan Urn

For over a century, this highly detailed gold urn was assumed to be Mayan – but forensic studies have determined that it is from the Inca – and still only one prim!

La Belle Epoque Street Lamp

Suitable for indoors or out – a sweet little 4 prim lamp post, direct from a little shop near Sacre Coeur in Montmarte arrondissement in Paris.

A Gold Mayan Platter

Found this years ago while snorkeling at the underwater Mayan ruins, near Talum, Mexico.  Just one shiny prim.

Downton Kitchen Lamp

A warm glow – perfect for the staff kitchen!  Just 3 prims, copy & mod.  Easy to adjust the length to suit your ceiling.  After this photo, I experimented with tinting the glass prim – oooooh so many options.  I have many variations around now – you can do the same, easily!

A Mayan Goblet

Found in an old Spanish castle, but it is Mayan!  🙂 Just a single prim – great shine and detail on the texture.

A Vesuvian Pot

This rustic, yet well preserved, 3 prim pot was found during some recent excavations at Mount Vesuvius.


Simple 1 prim horseshoes in 3 models.  Copy/mod, of course.

Bust of Nefertiti

Over 3,000 years old!  (well 3 hours, in virtual time!) A semi 3-d system…gives great dimension to the bust.  (however, the bust is not visible from behind!).  4 prims and tons of vintage ambiance!

Green Tiffany Lamp

A texture variation of previously released lamp – just 2 prims.


Just one prim…can you tell?  🙂

Hammered Copper Canteen

Simple but highly detailed – just one shiny prim!

Barrel of Red Sunflowers

A Barrel of Red Sunflowers

14 prims of spring fever remedy!  Flexy flowers in a rustic green painted barrel.  Suitable for indoors or out!

The Blowhard Trumpet

It doesn’t provide music, but it does provide high detail charm!  15 shiny prims!  Copy/Mod.

Icy Cold Beer!

A glass or a mug – refreshing!  The glass is 1 prim, the mug is 2.  Copy/mod.

Vase of Assorted Calla Lilies

The calla lilies are in bloom again. Such a strange flower, suitable to any occasion. I carried them on my wedding day, and now I place them here in memory of something that has died.”  — Katherine Hepburn

LOL – I have no attachment to that quote – but I have grown fond of these versatile flowers.  Grab a vase full or purchase individually.  Full vase, 22 prims – individually, 2 prim.  All copy/mod.

Elegant blue Vase of White Calla Lillies

A great table top accessory!  9 prims, copy/mod.

Fluffy Towels

6 rolled up prims you can reorganize so many ways.  Available individually in white, in the kitchen.  (photo taken in the new upstairs bathroom – which is stuffed full of bathing accessories.)

Baroque Vase of Yellow Roses

Not a lot of new things lately, as I’ve been extra busy moving the store!  Man, there is a lot of  crap.  Not all objects will make it to the new store location…some things have lost their luster and seem so… amateur!  I promise you’ll love the new store and region – but a reminder that the old store/sim will be in place only till Jan. 20th.

Two is Company

Just an old vintage poster.

Burlap Bag with a Fruit Tree

Direct from the grower and ready for your garden!  Just 3 prims, copy/mod.  On the left…an old ceramic vase with 4 pussy willows.  4 prim.

Just a few new items at Glimmer Moon today.

New china plates! How about 2 prim jars for cookies, sugar and ..whatever?  A  1 prim blue bottle of water…and a Ming armoire! (the armoire is available in other sizes, indoors)

So, I’ll let you in on my January plans InWorldz…after much thought, I am moving the store – everything, actually – to my sim next door.  I’m really not keeping up with 2 sims (there isn’t enough TIME!!), so I’m letting one go.  It will really feel/look the same, a stunning garden setting – and the store will have a face lift during the move.  RL has me maxed out through mid January – and with this move, I am not sure how much new merchandise I’ll have until afterwards – but be assured, I’m not going anywhere and still loving EVERYTHING about my IWz!  I wish you all a healthy and happy NEW YEAR!

A Cute Cookie Jar

Just 2 prims…add your own cookies 🙂

Holiday Ornament Light Strand

Holiday party time?  A strand of glowing ornaments to add Christmas cheer.  Copy/mod – 9 prims.

Golden Brocade Stockings

Just one prim per!

Old Wooden Spinning Tops

An old time holiday toy!  Each just one prim.  Keep them centered or tilt.  Copy/mod.

Cookie Tins

A few styles – and the square box is full of chocolate chip cookies.   2 prims each tin, copy/mod.

Christmas Tray for Santa

Just for Santa!  A vintage tray decorated with holly leaves and berries.  A bunch of chocolate chip cookies and some strawberries dipped in chocolate!  A hot cocoa cocktail (and one for you too!) – even a note to Santa.  All copy/mod – so you can rearrange in soooo many ways!

Little Ceramic Santa

A great addition to your holiday table or fireplace.

Spinning Snow Globe

Animated Snow-globe 7 prims, copy/mod!  The tree slowly turn and the snowflakes flurry around!  This was a free gift for group members this week – would you like to be a member too?

Upstairs for Vintage Holiday Items

Low to high prim, all copy/mod, charming antique holidays items to spruce up your home or shop.  I’m sure there’s more to come!

A Very Tipsy Santa

He’s been hitting the bottle!  And, he’s copy/mod – so you can sober him up easily!  Lots of detail in the rocking chair!  22 prims for your holiday spirits!

A Viking Helmet!

This was made just for decor, but it could surely be used on your head too!  Just 3 prims….and, stay tuned – over in SL, I made one into a lamp – behave, or I will bring it here too!

Garden Shelf

Where but IWz could I indulge in all this prim detail?  An orchid, lavender, chamomile, birds and butterflies – all on a simple 1 prim shelf!  The total prim count is 51.   It’s not my most affordable item, but Edit it and you’ll see the endless opportunities…copy certain parts, rearrange – experiment – it’s copy/mod.

New Stuff – November 5, 2011

Barrels!  A surf board, dude!  A Morroccan lamp!  All just 1 prim each.  Lots more detail in the music boxes, they even play a Christmas song!  And a simple drum that might be fun for the holidays.  A reminder that there’s a room upstairs slowly filling with holiday decor!  More to come during the next month.  (however – I’ll be away for RL travel one more time, returning 11/11/11.

Butterflies are Free to Fly

Can you see them?  Lots and lots of 1 prim butterflies – all a flutter!  The basic configuration includes 10 butterflies, each a different color – but let me know if you want just one!  Copy/mod of course – there’s a lot of potential with these little guys!  Each floats around a loop, any size you want! (hint – to catch/buy them – Highlight Transparent Ctrl+Alt+T)

Watering Can and Mouse

He likes it in there, I’m sure!  3 little prims to add quaint charm to your place.

An Old Gas Lamp

I’ve always wanted one in RL…it’s nice to have one virtually!  4 prims that you can copy/mod..a great flame rises through the chimney (that script is modable too).  A great touch of vintage!


Always a favorite of mine in RL, trees laced with little white lights adds such ambiance!  The big tree on the left is new, just 2 prims..but with the lights it’s 21.  Either version is copy/mod.  Off to the right, last week’s new tree has lights too!  42 prims.

Coiled Rope

Just one copy/mod prim – a great detail for a dock, boat or warehouse.

Head Lights

What to say, really?  Heads…that are lights.  Head Lights!  10 prims, copy/mod


A little something for Halloween – just 1 prim each, copy/mod.  🙂

Sculpted Fans

Great details with just 1 sculpty prim each.  Copy/mod.

Candles – Lots of them!

Old candles – just 2 prims each!  copy/mod.  Of course you don’t need to rez this many…or do you?  🙂  Change the tint to match your mood and decor.

Stuffed Pheasant

Just 3 prims – haven’t you always wanted one??  lol

Duck Floating with Lily Pads

Sweet and slow, the lily pads slowly rotate and the duck follows.    Just 4 prims.  Also available without lily pads.

Ducks in a Row

Just 3 prims each – cute on the land or in the water!


3 prims each – outstanding near the water’s edge.  copy/mod.  Fans of my Uglet Egret might like these – (Yes, much to my surprise, there are many of you!).

Giant Tree

Surprising detail with just 6 prims.  Copy/mod – as always.

Posey Covered Birds Nest

Lots of sweet little details for this bird’s nest.  Leaves and poseys  wrap around the nest – the Piranga bird keeps watch, guarding her eggs.   49 prims!!  copy/mod.

Dead Drunk!

For some reason, it was not difficult to create the drunken posture….Lots of details with this skeleton – 21 prims.  Copy/Mod.

Paper Lantern Strand

Soft pastel shades (that you can MOD) will bring a bright ambiance to your space.  Just 9 prims and copy!  (on the distant right is a similar, more geometric shaped strand…white lights are visible in the distance here too – wow, I have lots of lights now!)  🙂

Chili Pepper Light Strand

Spicy lighting!!  13 bright and colorful prims – copy/mod.

A Tool Box!

Lots of tools that will help you look like a builder!  LOL 🙂  Most are 1 prim, all are copy/mod.  Buy the box – or choose your tools individually (they’re on a board on the wall of the rustic shed, to the right side of big shop)

Little Red Train

A little red train to bring a taste of the holidays!  Lots of detail with 18 prims.  Mod it into a new configuration, adding cars, change the color…got passengers?  Heck, stretch it to be huge and ride it!

Dancer’s Chest

Just 3 prims and lots of rustic feel.  MOD the lid position – or even the texture.

Sherlock Holmes Posters

For the past two weeks in RL, I’ve (finally!) been discovering the Sherlock Holmes mysteries!  Here are a couple of 1 prim vintage posters.

Moroccan Hanging Lamp

Spicy adventure awaits, when you hang the Moroccan Lamp at your place!  🙂  2 prims, copy/mod.

The White Hen

3 prims that will add farm charm to your place!  If you had previously purchased the red chicken from me, send me an IM to receive the white hen for free!

Hanging Moroccan Lantern

Just 2 charming prims, the Hanging Moroccan Lantern will add ambiance to any space!  Copy/Mod, of course and available (cheaper) without the chain!  …reminder that the lighting collection at Glimmer Moon has grown large…light strands, light posts, rustic lanterns, 1 prim chandeliers and more!

Fiesta Kitchen Counter

18 prims perfect for a rustic kitchen, green house or work shed.  A double sink with unique handcrafted tile work for the side counters and shelf below.  copy/mod too!

Victorian Red Lightpost

3 simple prims that add a detailed ambiance.  Also available with green glass.  Copy/mod it to make it perfect for your space!

Victorian Vanity and Accessories

I love vanities in RL – I even have my grandmother’s in my bedroom!  With her perfume decanters on top..almost just like this!  The vanity is 4 prim and so is the stool.  The stool has a hair brushing animation.  Zoom in to see the beautiful perfume decanters – my favorite!   All items are mod/copy and sold individually.  These items are located at THE TOP OF THE STAIRS.

New, for August 16, 2011

What started as a simple one prim bookshelf turned in to an ornate and detailed elegant 15 prim bookshelf!  Easy to edit and change the color tint to match your place.  Like the bookshelf full of stuff?  There’s a version of that too!  95 prims – also copy and mod (which means i had to set the price rather high, sorry – though it is cheaper than buying all individually).  Last but not least, a low prim wicker chair – just like the one in my gramma’s old sun-room!  Hand crochet pillow covers – each with different sit animations (3 total).

New Vintage Books

Just 2 prims each – great old titles!  Easy to resize them to fit your shelves!

New this week.

An odd assortment this week!  Little one prim mushrooms, white or brown.  A laundry basket (just in case you don’t have enough at home!), washboard, several types of mortars with pestles in white, brown or black marble and a candlestick and candelabra.  As usual, it’s all copy and mod.


Finely detailed black wrought iron supports this glowing candle.  A touch of fae – a touch of fantasy!  Just two mod/copy prims.

Carousel Dragon Horse!

Hadn’t you just been wishing for a high detailed dragon for your carousel?  28 prims/copy/mod – just in case you want a bunch!

Pepper Mill and Shakers

Add some spice to your IWz with salt and pepper shakers (2 prim each) or a pepper mill (just one).


Just two prims and a perfect way to add a rustic feel to your kitchen!

Arm Chair

…and just one prim!  Change the color!  There is also a straight backed version.

Old Rocker

Lots of details with 8 prims.   Change the color – rez a pair or more!  It has a comfy sit animation – but, sorry no rocking (I tried, honest – but will only work if chair is facing one specific direction, lol!)

Mistletoe Sprig

With white or red berries, suitable for your doorway and guaranteed to bring you kisses!

Ceramic Holiday Tree – It Spins Slowly!

Just two 2 prims.  The ceramic tree is just like the wind-up one my grandmother had – except this one doesn’t play Silent Night!

Golden Cherub

Mostly holiday decor, this golden cherub might be suitable all year – in the right spot.  Just four golden prims that you can copy and mod.

The Nutcracker

Well..yes..a nutcracker!  The thing I like best about him is resizing him.  He’ll be a tiny ornament on a holiday tree and a larger-than-life sized statue!  (There’s a room upstairs where the holiday decor is being stored in the main shop)

Holiday (or not!) Wreathed Candle

You can save this for winter holiday season – but, I’ll have mine out all year!  A flickering red candle surrounded by a sculpted floral wreath – even little red berries nestled within.  6 prims – copy/mod.

Extra extra worn sofa…

This poor sofa… takes a beating!  25 prims, copy/mod, and more versions than I know what to do with!

Old Pram

12 prims for lots of detail – copy and mod – a vintage baby pram.  A 12 prim pram!  ..prim pram ma’m..?  I’ll stop now.  🙂

Near the landing point this week… July 6, 2011.

I tried to build a new sofa – but it fell apart, lost a leg, I had to prop it up with books, then stuffing starting bulging out and a mouse moved in!  (hard to see all that in the photo….and special thanks to Inca Ferraris for the inspiration!)  I’m sure there’s a lovely version of this sofa too – sans holes and critters!  Also, a simple garden box that’s growing carrots, chamomile and rosemary!  The old pram is back – this one full of critters!

Scale with Fruit

Highly detailed brass scale filled with fresh and lush fruits.  32 prims…you can copy and mod – rearrange into a new configuration.  The scale is also available empty.

Kitchen Corner Collection

Easter eggs in a basket, a butter churner, milk jug, even more china plates & tea pots, chrome cookie tin, crate of fruit… all copy/mod.

More Kitchen Supplies

A few more details to spice up a vintage kitchen…an old cookie tin (full of chocolate chip cookies!), a very cook candlestick phone, stacks of antique china plates, plates of sweets or veggies, tea pots – even a paper towel holder (you know you have always wanted one!)  🙂

Green China Cabinet

..okay, so it’s a lot like my red cabinet from a month ago…but this one is taller, and has knobs and has detailed wood work on the top and bottom.   It’s sold solo, but on display are some books, a stack of plates and an etched green glass decanter and matching snifters.  I guess that’s my bum too…no clue on prim count but, it’s definitely no mod/no copy/no trans!

Dishes on the Rack

Too much RL?  🙂 I couldn’t resist putting these together…vintage plates drying on the rack..just like my RL kitchen counter!  I’ve been adding a kitchen to the store – as the photo reflects, it’s still a mess!  The dishes are available individually too – just 50 IZs for each and 1 prim/copy/mod.  New cabinetry too…in elegant gloss finishes or old and rough looks – easy for you to change that – and re-tint too!

Colorful Orchids!

A highly detailed 32 prims for each beautiful orchid.  Rose, pink and white shades.  Would be easy to trade the pot out…something shabby or something elegant?  🙂

Li’l Squirrel and Pinecone

He’s a bit squirrelly…careful!  10 prims/copy/mod 🙂  and cute!

Garden Wagon

The blue wagon is just 3 prims (mod/copy)..and so easy to tint!  Seems a bit of dirt collected and daisies and primrose have bloomed!  The flowers are available in 1 prim sculpty, 4 prim flexy, and even a ground cover (scattered around the sims, IM me if you can’t find).  The bunnies…7 prims of cuteness!

The Green Lantern!

No, not the super hero…just highly detailed parts with a warm and illuminating glow.  All mod – set the lighting to suit your mood.  Copy and rez them around your garden!  Is it just me or is that Coleman Lantern Green?  🙂

The Feel Better Box!

or…just a gift box!  A rich red box that includes a potted chamomile plant, sweet little bird, a juicy vintage novel, a pear, a little jug of mystery elixir and a couple envelopes.  A great housewarming gift or sweet way to say you’re thinking of somebody!  Free…and free delivery to your loved ones!  (copy only)  Just IM me  with their full name and I’ll send the box and any special message on your behalf.

Silly Dollhouse

I don’t know..please don’t ask.  It’s’s silly.  It’s not Mod…otherwise, I’d have to charge a zillion IZs!  But, it is Copy – though I’m sure one would be more than enough.   It’s proportioned to regular doll house size – in no way could this be a home for Tiny folks (I don’t think…).

Feel like a spring chicken again!

I’m promise I’ll get out of my shabby chic/garden/farm mode soon…but not till I finish up a few more details!  This Red Chicken is just 3 prims.  Copy/Mod…I’ve rezzed a hen coop full of them, adjusted their sizes – slight tint changes.. fab!  Oooh, just made a smaller one, turned low Shininess on, and it is perfect for the kitchen or dining room (I have similar statues in RL -were my grandmas!).The Red Chicken is listed for 75 IZs…but, he’s free to group members and their friends….just IM me for delivery!

Chicken Out the View 🙂

Garden Tools! Just 1 prim each!

The green thumb supplies continue!  Hand tools for your garden, just one prim each – and in a wide variety of  colors.  A spade, hoe, claw and handrake!  Even the garden tool box is just 1 prim.  The texture for the garden tool box is very light, easy for you to tint the color to suit your exact needs!

Pigeon Hole Cabinet

The basic cabinet/shelf is just 1 prim!  I’ve barely tinted the basic texture grey, but you can easily tint to any shade!  All those cubbyholes are perfect for stowing your other ..stuff 🙂  A coffee cup and pot, note cards, dried lavender, eggs, a mouse..More has been added since I took the shot!  The greenhouse has so much potential…I have another rezzed elsewhere, with more of a guest house feel…full of antiques, art, a brass bed…wish I could show you a photo!  *grins*

Tea & Notes

A simple one prim table, decorated with 1 prim tea pot and cup…and vintage envelopes!  Even a well worn leather carrying envelope!   All copy/mod 🙂  Gee, the greenhouse is really filling up!

Eggs and Things…

It never occurred to me that I’d be making pixel brown eggs – let alone a carton for them…*blinks*…but with the new chicken coop nearby (don’t ask), they just developed.  In a carton, in a basket and soon to be Easter-ish (yes, I know that holiday has passed).  Also, yellow bell peppers, watermellons, a Georgiana era bowl filled with lavender, Flamingos by my fav RL artist, Jesse Arms Botke..a watercolor, a cup of coffee, a pitcher – a bunch of things you really don’t need!  🙂   You’ll find these mod/copy items in the new amazing greenhouse – to the left of the big store.

Wagon with Pots and Flowers (and the little bird!)

Awesome 1 prim pots – in great colors, including the dirt!  Easy to slide the tint on them – even add some Shine, and you’ll have a whole new look.  I added a little chamomile plant to one, and much to my surprise, the cutest little yellow bird landed there too!  (click the photo to see the bird better).  There’s a cluster of garlic cloves hanging, a bundle of dried lavender – and you can see another shot of the greenhouse in the background.

A Scarecrow!

I know I’m sleeping better at night with this scare(d)crow nearby!  He’s happily plump – at 17 prims, copy/mod… put a tu-tu on him!

A Green Greenhouse

I’m rather wowed at the low prim count for this greenhouse…I added lighting inside, and a weather vane on top (click photo for larger view)..and still just 8 prims.  You can remove those details and drop the prims lower.

Low Prim Gypsy Vardo – Wagon

Can you believe it’s only 5 prims for that cute gypsy vardo?  You can even MOD them..tint the wood – make your own style!  Since they’re so light on prims, rez more than one to create your own gypsy camp.   Just 350 IZs.  I still offer the larger, fully detailed vardo – see the very last photo on this page.

The highly detailed floral work

I did a revamping of an old basic bench with some highly detailed (and HIGH prim) floral work.    The bench seats two – and has the floral draping on each corner.  A total of 65 prims!  Must be seen to believe!

Male and Female Blue Birds

One simple prim of cuteness!  Male (red breast) or female blue birds will add charm to your place!

A Baroque Cache

Richly detailed – a Baroque Cache (or…an old box!) to rez on your favorite vintage table.  5 prims/copy/mod and 100 Iz!  Go for Baroque!  🙂

The Red Cabinet

Highly detailed – this cabinet will showcase your favorite objects d’art! 5 prims that you can mod… change the wood color/shine, adjust the glass – add stained glass texture to the paned door glass.. endless possibilities!

The Antika Kakelugn (a room heater)

Just when I thought I was worldly, I learn something new!  The charming Carla Jarnhilde asked if I’d ever made a kakelugn…a what?  🙂  She was kind enough to send me more info…and I learned they are a very cool indoor space heater – perhaps used from 1700s-1950s.  A whole new look to what I knew as a wood-burning stove.  This copy/mod antique kakelugn is about 11 prims and copy/mod so you can fine tune for your place.  This photo does not come close to showing the fine ceramic tile details that are included.  Thanks Carla, for inspiring me to something totally new!

Elegant Round Wood Table

Lots of elegance and not so many prims!  Copy/mod and only 125Iz!  Experiment with color tint to match the wood to your home decor.  It’s a simple, yet sweet piece that brings antique sophistication!

The “County House” Prints

Paper Lanterns

New lighting!  Colorful paper lanterns will add a bright splash to your doorway or throughout your outdoor spaces.  7 prims/copy/mod.   Just 125 IZ’s.

Updated Tubs – Now with animations for couples.

It took awhile, but the new menu driven tubs for couples are ready!  Special thanks to the group….I sent out a few demos for private testing last week and they submitted great suggestions!  32 couples animations (12 bathing and the rest are …well… Adult!).  The hammered copper tub is just 3 prims & the ornate baroque is 11.  Both are copy/mod – and you can adjust the animations to suit your avi size.  If you previously bought the tub w/one couple’s animation – you’re eligible for a FREE upgrade!  (send me an IM)  Also new this week, an rich carved screen (4 prims and just 45 Iz’s), the 1 prim Venetian Ribbon Mirror, the 1 prim greenish tray (view big to see details!) and the framed Russian Pieta!

Can virtual creations get any more realistic looking than this Victorian Phone?  12 beautiful prims, MOD/Copy. I think I like the phone cord best!  150IZ’s

Old Lantern and Jugs

Very detailed old lantern made from brushed copper and my jugs!  All are copy/mod..the lantern is 5 prims/125IZs and the jugs just are 3prim/50Iz.

Look at my chest!

Some mornings are quick to bring inspiration!  It’s not even lunchtime yet and I’ve got these great new trunks!  “Grandmas Trunk” 10 prims for the open, and 9 for the closed.  Really great details, definitely a rustic feel!  They’re mod/copy and just 125IZs.  There’s a quilt inside the open chest – easy enough to drop an alternate favorite texture and make this match your decor!

Bear with Me

Sometimes, you just have to Grin and BEAR it!  Cute cuddly things are SO not what I’m in to creating – but when Scrappy Bear and his cousin Plush Bear materialized, I couldn’t resist!  The bears are 11 prims each/copy.  Scrappy Bear has balloons – total prims 17.  The bears are free – AND I’d love to deliver one to your special friends!  Just IM their full name(s) to me, and usually within a few hours (instantly, if I’m online) your friends will know how special they really are!  Also new is the basket of wild lavender – 3 prims, mod/copy and 125IZs.  The Ol’ Victrola has a new record (but still needs your radio script to be REALLY cool) and their are some bright 1 prim Coleus and Caladiums now too!  The swing has become a big seller, low prim and mod – one recent shopper sent me a photo of their beautifully modified swing – done in a lovely white!  Way to go!

New Old Mirrors! (mod, copy, 1prim, 50IZs ea)

So the new things this week are actually old things!  These simple one prim mirrors can add a ton of style to your space.  They may not look interesting on this wall together, but…you’ll be amazed at how a bit of stretching and/or copying of these vintage pieces will add a rich themed decor to your space.

Candelabra and vintage radio

Lots of detail in this 10 prim candelabra.  Each candle has a gentle flickering flame.  The Astorian Radio is just 5 prims – and I haven’t added a radio script to it (yet), but it’s MOD, so you can!  The tall table is still one of my biggest sellers – 5 prims and just 100IZs!

The ambient lamp post and lavender plants.

The 9 prim Astorian Lightpost adds a ton of glowing ambiance for just 150IZs.  It’s copy/mod so you can change the light intensity & color.   I love lavender in RL and am very pleased with these 4prim flexi lavender plants here too! This photo was taken from the NEW STORE location on my main sim, Astoria della Mar.  It’s a beautiful new setting – and the former store (visible on the left horizon) is now available for a commercial renter – contact me for details.

Wooden swing seats two!

I’m liking this rustic wooden swing – particularly the great detail in the sculpty chain links.  Two comfortable sit animations, 7 prims, mod/copy.  It’s not scripted to move yet, but…free swings for you and your friends if you’ll come script it for me!  🙂  …and rooster plates!  There’s quite a collection of 1 prim rooster art…lol.  This photo is taken at my newest store, I’m pleased to have a spot on the Sinatra Jazz @ Franks sim!

The updates sofas, now with 25 anim. menu!

NEW MENU DRIVEN SOFAS!  I’m really excited to have found a new animator here – Kabuki Creations/Naku Nishi in SL is now doing some custom orders InWorldz!  The menu driven program has 25 couples animations that include many casual sits and romantic cuddles as well as 12 adult positions.   The sofas are mod/copy and are 11-12 prims each.  Sold separately, are comfy single animation chairs, in matching textures.  If you purchased an original version of this sofa and haven’t received the free updated sofa, please let me know!!

Wrought Iron Bench and…free chocolate covered strawberries!!

The new elegant wrought iron bench is just 5 prims and has two casual sit anims.  125IZs and copy/mod.  Accessorize your space with a basket of perfect pine cones, a potted French lavender plant, a 1 prim wagon wheel, or a bird bath with slowly swirling water.  The palm trees and palm cluster are all copy/mod – perfect for any shoreline!  You can even relax on the 1 prim log! There’s a tasty antique plate filled with (low calorie) chocolate covered strawberries (the berries are a free gift till Valentine’s – ask me for yours, or let me know who I can send a plate to, on your behalf!

A new wishing well has appeared!  Just 5 prims, it’s sure to add an old worldz feel to your garden!  There are more plants here than you can imagine, but this sample includes some 1 prim (copy/mod) plants as well as 4 prim flexies (my favorites).  Each are 75IZ’s.

After a RL weekend away, I’m back to it!  I’ve opened a new store location on Major Bay ( ) and here’s an advanced look.  The rustic 4 prim screen and cabinet have a great old world feel!  I went a bit nuts with this tub, adding a marble and gilt trim all for a real baroque finish.  There’s a cozy couples pose within, or opt for a solo relaxing bath.  The great big pot has a cool flexi palm for 6 prims (copy/mod).  An old oil painting for your …library!  ..or how about an ancient black Madonna and Jesus?  Each just 1 prim and 50IZs.  I love the plaid chair with its comfy sit.  It’s only 75IZs and will probably have a matching sofa soon!  Need a rustic bucket with water – 2 prims?  A lovely 1 prim/copy/mod rose wreath!  The rugs are copy/mod, 1 prim, 50IWz.  Lastly, my most complex effort with prims, the radio!  4prim, copy/mod and 150IZs.

Shipwreck Findings

If you’ve been to Astoria della Mar…you’ve surely seen the ship wreck and the assorted cargo bobbing around the sinking vessel.  I gathered some of it up to see if any was worth salvaging…the painting is an original by Jesse Arms Batke, a RL fav of mine!  Most the plates and pots are 1 prim.  The benches each sit 2 avis, in a casual sit pose (not facing the table for eating, etc)

Barrels of Fun!

I found these 1 prim barrels too – and the chairs have a simple slouch sit in them.  The  backgammon board is from Tibet – and lots of prims!  (sorry, it’s non-operational, for now)

I’ve been having a great time with InWorldz,  creating has never been so fun.  I’m partial to creating plants, trees, furnishings and objects d’art – all with a vintage, quirky, and comfortable look!

You can hopefully feel the nostalgic flair in these pieces.  Each candle is 2 prim and has flickering flame.  This 2 prim tub seats 1 avi, but there is a cuddle version as well.  I’m loving the opened old book..includes a reading animation too!  Bottle, glass, pear, floral vase, and the mirrors are all just one prim.  I think my favorite is the bowl of grapes  (also available in green)..over a dozen tasty prims!  The stacked books are 1 prim per book, copy/mod so you can make your own stacks!

Houseboat Astoria Living

The funky Houseboat Astoria is just 36 prims and 500 IZs (copy/mod).  The rustic ladder is included, but any other decor you may seen on it is sold separately.  There’s a slow rotating raft in the left corner…solo relaxed or couples anim available.

Astoria Houseboat Interior

The Astoria Houseboat may not be large, but the interior is bright and happy!

Outdoor Furnishing Basics

1 prim outdoor pieces (3prim for couple anim chaise) – the chaise lounges and tables come in a variety of wood styles and range from 100-125 IZs.  Plants and pots abound – more than this photo can show!  🙂


A brief detour to mention Pulse, where I found my skin and Deviant, for the great hair….but the rest, well… lots of little goodies to decorate your sim space!  Backgammon anyone?  Great details, lots of prims!  Just one prim for the wine and pots in the background.  I love the golden light strands – 8 prims each.  The deep red folliage are 3 prim flexis and do great things to a hillside!  Most the other plants/trees in the background are 1prim.  The barstool I’m sitting in features a “reverse” sit anim, great for guys – and there’s another chair with a more feminine sit.  While you can’t see the chair, it gets great compliments with it’s 11 prims of modifiable & copyable uniqueness and for just 100 IZs! Matching table also available.

Ground Cover and Lighthouse

47 prims for this lighthouse, built by the talented Bruce Dyszel.  It’s just 500 IZs and the light rotates – a great beacon for any sim.  Many types of 1 prim ground cover flowers and wheat are covering the sim.

Brass Bed

Copyable and a zillion prims (about 110 prims), this bed will definitely add a vintage theme to your space.  This bed has no anims, but is Mod, so you can add your own favorites.  There’s another model available, with a patchwork quilt and animations for jumping on the bed 🙂

Lighthouse and Gypsy Vardo

The Gypsy Vardo has a feel similar to the houseboat.  MOD/copy and 63 prims.  The light strand and very cool shell curtain are sold separately…plants as well.  There’s a better glimpse at the lighthouse!  (photo credit to Antario Denja)

Ready to get a closer look?  or follow the Picks on my Profile.  Glimmer Moon antique stores or the Astoria della Mar main sim!

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  1. You have your own blog! I never knew that, when i have time i’m going to read the rest. See you soon..hugs

    • Hellooooo, Siwa! Nice to see you here too! I’m new to this – but it’s fun! Hugs!

  2. I had no idea you were so talented! I will definitely be by to do some power shopping at your store. 😀

    You may not remember me but I used to be a dancer at Glimmer Beach when Jester was the DJ. Then My name was Anachriana.

    Now I am a merchant in IW and far more creative (I hope)

    • My oh my, what a small virtual world, Pussy/Anachriana! How great that you’ve made it over to IWz too!! Aren’t you loving it there? Jester…? What a sweetie – he talked about opening up shop in IWz too…but..? 🙂 Thanks so much and have fun!

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