Mini Map..Bigger than it Looks!

Ooops, sorry to crash in to you – I haven’t rezzed yet!  Where are you…?  I can’t see your avi yet…

Sound familiar?  It’s time to meet your mini (map!)  I’m amazed when I learn that somebody doesn’t have their mini-map always visible!  It’s full of great nuggets of  information and I often glance at it – sort of like the rear-view mirror in my car!    First glance shows me if any of my friends are around (the gold dots) and how busy the location is.

Controlling your mini is a mouse task.  With the mouse over the mini, scroll in and out and see how your map responds.  I typically keep mine distanced enough to show me the sim I’m on.

Got dots?  Green dots are other avis and the yellow/gold dots are your Friends.

But what if…it’s not quite a dot – it’s a little arrow/chevron thingy!  If it points up – the avi is higher than you.  If it points down, their elevation is lower than yours.

Right Click on a dot and you’ll get a little menu offering Profile, Cam and options to track or change the color of the dot you’ve selected.  (When I land somewhere, I’ll often use this feature to see who’s nearby!)

Some viewer’s mini-maps have the avi name appear if you simply hover your cursor over their dot.

The Imprudence viewer allows you to expand/drop down the mini-map and you’ll get a list of nearby avis, and their distance from you – as well as cool menu that offers Profiles, IM, TP To and more.  I love the TP To option!  Takes me straight to my friend!

Going to a busy place that’s slow to rez?  Zoom in to your closest possible mini-map view and navigate your avi with it!  Simply avoid the dots!

Do you see blue shapes on your mini?  That’s YOUR stuff!  Think you dropped your wig at a friends house but can’t see it?  Zoom in-out with your mini and look for the blue clump.  I have a freebie item offered at the InWorldz Desert Island welcome area…and it’s so nice to navigate my way to my item via my mini, rather than walking through the busy landing area – trying to recall which store has my item.

And all the other shapes…those belong to other people.  At a glance you can see what parts of the sim are developed.   There are some discrepancies if there are objects by multiple owners, stacked.  Example, my friend has a build platform, rezzed high, at my place.   While there was nothing on the ground beneath it, I could clearly see its shape.  Once I began rezzing on the ground below it, the shape of his build was replaced with my own blue shapes.

Object detail and distance shown, will vary depending on your Draw Distance as well.  Generally, objects you can see will appear on your mini.  If your draw distance is low, your mini map will be lower resolution too.

Double left click on your mini to open the big map!

My thoughts come from experience with the original SL viewer, the much missed Emerald, the IWz viewer, Imprudence and/or Phoenix – I’ve not used the newer v2 or Hippo…or any others – so your experience may vary.

Did I miss anything?  What’s your favorite way to master the mighty mini-map?

Just because all that text grew boring....a new, but unrelated photo!

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  1. Oooh yes, I’ve been a long-time mini-map navigator. Great tips! The only other thing I like to add is turn off the map-rotate. Well I guess it’s just old-school when reading a regular RL map north is always UP so that’s why I turn rotate off on mine. Thanks for putting this together. You’re always a treasure trove of helpful ideas. And OOOOoooooh! LOVE that picture!

    • Boudica – What?? 🙂 How do I do that? I had no idea I could set map to north. Where do you do that? Thanks for reading …and I appreciate getting a new trick!

      • Using the Imprudence viewer you just right click the mini-map and un-check where it says Rotate Map. =)

  2. One thing I like in Imprudence is the radar drop down from the mini-map as well. Great article Dancer. This is the kind of stuff that takes quite some time to figure out on your own.

    • Boudica – thanks so much! I’ll check that out…not finding it on my Phoenix yet. I know I’ll like it! …Bruce, thanks for reading – and finding the value in my advanced age 🙂

      • Hey there just a quick update on using the latest version of the InWorldz viewer, I found my little mini-map rotating and went to search out how to make it stop. Found it under Advanced Menu > UI > Rotate Mini-Map and unchecked it. Maybe it’s the same in Phoenix? Worth a try =)

      • Yay! It works! Thanks so much for coming back to tell me! Hugs!

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