Inworldz vs SecondLife

Time!  There just isn’t enough of it!  I’m fortunate to have ample time for virtual living – but there’s still not enough when you’re trying to have two of them (and a full time RL job too).

In spite of my (sigh) corrupt SL account situation, I’m juggling viewers and have spent quite a bit of time giving SL Astoria a much needed face-lift!

Sneaking a Peek

I’d been so exclusive with InWorldz since November, it seemed weird to really sit down, dust off my inventory (a HUGE chore still in progress), slip into some REALLY great SL hair and shoes 🙂 and see what I could do here.  Weird to look at the drab unchangeable terrain textures and weird to think of facing the social scene of SL.  My months in IWz have been filled with incredibly happy avis that love to go on and on about how much better IWz is than SL.

Since all my time was being spent IWz, seems I must agree with them all!  There is something special there.  More relaxed.  Calmer.  Stress free.  Nicer pace.  Friendlier avis.  Fresh Start. These are all things I’ve heard repeatedly IWz, when it’s compared to SL.

My plans for SL Astoria’s face-lift are coming in to place in my mind nicely.  After years of showing off my coveted antique collection….I’ve decided to showcase my own creations.  My IWz time has lured me to a different vintage feel..similar, but a bit more old world.  You’ve seen the bronze lanterns and rustic details in my photos from there…  I’ve begun recreating many of the IWz things in SL.

It seemed it would be easy enough – as there’s a very cool Import/Export feature for your own creations.  I’ll just “tp” them trans-grid!  That works..but not really so great.  (contact me in either world for more details about the process) And many of my builds feature some awesome textures and sculpt maps that I’ve purchased.  This means getting permission for using in both worlds…or buying it in both worlds (mostly i opt for buying).  …before we all nod off with the dull details of the Import/Export business… let’s just conclude that I find it easier to start them from scratch.

This takes much more time than anticipated!  🙂

What a great surprise to find some awesome build supplies in my SL Inventory.  Textures, maps, animations… things I’ve never used even!  I’ve barely scratched the surface of my Inventory…there’s some fun tools in there…just waiting to make something new!

Building in SL is just as fun as building IWz!  And the people?

Why do all the IWz fans say what they do?  Or are the people actually different IWz?  IWz certainly attracts a certain user – typically one who likes to create, appreciates the affordable and generous prim allotment – somebody who needs space – and doesn’t need a lot of external amusement (hundreds of clubs and events, and thousands of people, at any hour of the day).

But honestly, I think people are the same anywhere!  Just like RL.  Perhaps IWz feels better because we’ve removed ourself (escaped?) from our old SL friends, who’ve grown boring, needy, drama riddled, pains in our asses…?  (No, I’m not talking about anyone I know…just sayin’…)

Me and Feather Boa's amazing interactive artwork - near the Astoria landing point.

I’m not saying bad things about anyone in SL…just that, I’m responsible for my SL – and if IWz feels so much better, then I must have let my SL grow to a less pleasant place.

But I’m finding IWz isn’t better – it’s just another layer!  🙂  My SL has certainly changed over the years.  My IWz will surely change too!  There’s room for me to have both virtual lives in my RL… just not enough damn time!

My task list in both worlds is very long.  I plan to finish a few SL projects and then try to divide my time more equally – checking in to both worlds regularly, starting new build projects in both worlds at the same time should be easier than backtracking as I have been.

Aside from being cheaper with plentiful prims, which grid do you prefer?  Why?  Lastly, why are there SL fans that won’t even look at other grids?

(added after posting)  I see many are web searching the topic “inworldz vs SL”.  I’ll add a stat I’ve observed.  When I joined IWz in Oct. 2010, there were 650 privately owned sims/regions.  Now, in April 2011 – 850.  Average attendance at sign-in was always below 150 – now it’s always over 150 -pushing 200 most of the time.  My furniture sales in both worlds seem quite comparable.    SL continues to have 50k (or more!) at any given time.  As much as I love my IWz, those numbers must be considered, in my opinion.  In defense of IWz, I’ll add a reminder that it’s still in beta!  The IWz founders are steadily working on scripting upgrades and ways that make this grid more steady.  I have great faith that it will soon be as stable (if not more so) than SL.  But will it ever reach those SL numbers…?  that would be a surprise!  Does it need to?  Not in my book!)

A Glimmer of a Second Life


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  1. I think Inworldz has that small town feel. A lot of users know each other and many build or design so there is that underlying sense of unity. That sort of “everyone knows everyone” feel. There is much less population so with that far less drama and “corruption” like you find in the large population of SL.
    The large prim count in Inworldz sure inspires people to build without the prim police looking over your shoulder. I know some of the items I’ve built I’d never do in SL for that reason alone. In fact, I’ve not built anything significant in SL in a very long time and I’ve really enjoyed the builds I’ve done at Astoria. It’s certainly nice to have that designing freedom.

    I think both places have their pros and cons but for me SL is still the #1 place to hang my hat. For one I have made a significant investment in my avie, parcel, and overall inventory there which makes it tough to just leave SL behind. I also prefer the entertainment aspects of SL, live shows and familiar faces at events I visit.

    I guess I am glad I don’t have to pick one over the other. I can take advantage of both pros this way. 🙂

    • Bruce, you’re so right – it’s a good thing we don’t have to choose! I appreciate hearing your insights…you’re one of the few I know who do both worlds too. and…I’m eternally grateful that those heavy prim creations of yours …are making my InWorldz sims look so stunning!

  2. Inworldz shows there true hate to competition By having a Inworldz sponsored event and allowing a private inworldz avi ban designers show. So why even bring your product there if you know the founders are backing one a one horse show. sad day to see the many designers ban from a show because the person running the show is the founders best friend.
    makes you think why invest in it.
    think about it you have a designer put a show on sponsored by IW and allow that allure company to ban there competition and rivals from the show
    yes the virtual world at it’s finest.

    • Hiya, Eric and sorry you’ve found limitations InWorldz. For the most part, featuring creations to both worlds is no problem. Most events don’t have limits like that – and I don’t think it’s remotely fair to judge the entire InWorldz grid on one situation, event or person. Second Life, and its users, certainly has its own set of guidelines and management techniques.

      That said, it’s always a bummer to hear about bad experiences in virtual worlds… Thanks for stopping by my little blog and I do hope you find just what you’re looking for! 🙂

  3. …I am not native english, so sorry for my sometimes weird english…
    I think thats good to have an alternate to SL. I signed already in 2010 for IWz, but I did not like it that much.

    Now after almost 2 years I logged in there and noticed that they are working hard to get it better. They have kind of marketplace, called InBiz, they are working on the physics just now and the first tests starting this days.

    I looked the last weeks on many different opengrid based viritul worlds, but I decided to stay from now on, some time in InWorldz also.

    In SL I run one of the smaller estates, which are under big pressure from the “big guys”. Many small estates like me gave up and for new estates is no space in SL. The “big guys” get supported from SL management with specials and goodies, so a newcomer or the “not important” people get ignored.

    One important point more are the costs. Compared to SL, InWorldz is much cheaper and offers much more prims on a sim. Its a big difference to pay for a full sim 295 dollar or like in Inworldz just 75 Dollar. Many people which wish to have a hide away in SL simply cant afford it.

    But I still like SL with all my friends and like I said I will share the time between SL and IWz.

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