For 3 years, I hosted a weekly live music event at my place in SL.  I’m not an enthusiast of overcrowded sims, excessive gesturing, contrived so-called “welcomes” that never speak to you again, repeated requests for venue support, etc… so, I decided to book my few favorite musicians at my Astoria.

It was a lot of fun!  I am so glad to have met such great people… yet it began to feel stale – and then it became a chore (which is not how I want to feel my SL/IWz!).  Still adoring the musicians, I was tired of the obligations that come from hostessing my events.  It’s not that hard, but…well, I’ve given them up for now.  The best result is that now I am going out (those who know me – don’t be too shocked!  🙂 ) to hear some live shows…and loving them more than ever now!

Last night, (22 April, 2011) I stepped out for an AM Quar show at the Dragon Moon club.

When I landed, he was already half way through You Can Leave Your Hat On – a fav of mine, (does anyone else think of 9 & 1/2 Weeks when they hear this?) and AM’s version contains all the moody drama you’ve heard in Cocker’s (or any other) version.

AM Quar on Stage

Such a great way to take a break from building – and get out of the sim house! I was letting things rez and noticed that there was even “red carpet” for me to walk on!  I took a few steps and heard/read in open chat:

[19:07]  hack celeb writer: Hello Dancer

I replied “Hi Hack” and took a few more steps.  Then I see:

19:08]  hack writer: Do you have any comment about the 
rumours Dancer? ?

THIS caught my attention!  then:

[19:08]  hack Snapper: Where is Dancer . I can't see!

All these avis were standing near the red carpet with cameras and microphones..there was a media van nearby!  Finally my rezzing completed and I could see they weren’t avis with cameras – but rather cut-out silhouettes that were scripted to greet new visitors!

[19:06]  hack celeb journo: This way Dancer Over here.
[19:06]  hack Snapper: Let me see!  Dancer this way.
[19:06]  hack writer: Where do you buy your clothes Dancer ?
[19:06]  hack celeb writer: Hey Dancer Over here.
[19:06]  hack flasher: Wow Dancer You look great today.
[19:07]  Master hack Harry: Hey look its Dancer Glimmer
[19:07]  hack celeb journo: Dancer Say cheese Dancer
[19:07]  hack Snapper: Stop shoving me! Dancer Over here Dancer
[19:07]  hack celeb writer: Hi, Dancer Dancer
[19:07]  hack flasher: Show us some leg Dancer
[19:07]  Master hack Harry: Hey look its Dancer Glimmer
[19:07]  hack writer: Dancer have you seen the papers today?
[19:07]  hack celeb journo: Give us a smile Dancer
[19:07]  hack writer: Excuse me Dancer Are the rumours
 about you and a 'certain somebody' true Dancer ?

LMAO So fun – and I’d barely left the landing point!  We hear all the time about the amazing creativity in virtual worlds – but I found this particularly clever and unique!  Kudos to the creator!

Now AM had eased into What Kinda Woman…and it was just what I needed.  A great dance groove!  I found the dance floor (which was packed with glamorous avis!) and looked for a quiet corner (my usual approach) …but couldn’t find one, and ended up front and center!  Clicking on my dance hud I quickly got into AM’s rhythm.  His vocals were sounding great – so strong!

It didn’t take me long to realize I hadn’t known it was a themed event – actually a rezz day party for Nyna Slate who was turning 8! There were celebrity costumes….

Marilyn Monroe!!

A Superstar!

Now AM was playing Naughty Girl – and it always feels like he’s singing it to ME!  (He is, isn’t he?)

Oh, it's Ringo Starr!

Then AM slowed down for Wonderful Tonight.  He absolutely nails the guitar!

It was a fun party!  There were 45 avis there when I checked.  I love that they booked AM Quar for their event.  He’s been a musician for all of his RL and playing in SL since 2009.  I first met AM at Junkyard Blues in SL…and can clearly remember when he was first contemplating performing in SL…I’m sure glad he decided to give it a try!

Kermit, too!!

…Miss Piggy joined Kermit, but I didn’t grab a shot.

Then I literally got goose bumps up my arms for the next song – AM doing justice to the Guitar Pete song, Do You Hear the Rain – always a crowd pleaser when AM’s guitar goes wild!  AM states that one of his influences was Jimi Hendrix – it’s easy to hear that it’s true!

Then it was MY turn to go wild when he ripped into Little Sister, by my fav, Stevie Ray Vaughn – it ROCKED!  AM plays a wide genre of music, blues, rock, lounge standards, Latin – but it’s his blues that leave me breathless!  The guitar and vocal for this are so rockin’….I dare you to sit still while listening!

I think it's Madonna (see her cone cups!)

Black Magic Woman, the Santana song was next – AM’s haunting vocals and guitar – the familiar wail!  Loved it and confess to singing along in RL!!

Perhaps my the gold pants!

I’m not sure about the above costume… but he was very cool!  🙂

Give Me One Good Reason came up next and as he slid into those bluesy notes, he took me with him.

A Glamorous Hollywood Couple!

An AM original, I’ll Dare  (or is it Out There?), was played next.  I usually am partial to music I already know (narrow minded, I know!) – but this song has quickly become a favorite of mine.  It also shows that AM’s skills go beyond performing and into the creative side of music!  Well done, AM!  If you’d like to hear more of his creations, check: .

Next we heard Purple Rain – AM hit the guitar licks beautifully!  Such a moving rock ballad – and it always takes me back to the 1980’s – the movie, the purple, and the unsung guitar skills of Prince (I share a RL B-day with the Purple One!  Shredding through the guitar solo – AM left no room for improvement!

One of the many unique guitars on display at Dragon Moon.

I must mention one more detail about this venue…the cool guitar exhibit!  Perhaps a dozen or so, uniquely designed guitars…themed, colorful – incredibly creative!  (you can see some of the paparazzi and media van in the background!)

I had to glance twice at my clock when AM announced it was time for the last song!  The hour is always TOO SHORT when he’s on stage!  The old standard, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, is always such a surprise to me – the blues, the emotion…maybe it’s because the only other version I know is by Tony Bennett – and AM’s is such an awesome departure from that.  Love it!

As the show came to a conclusion, I told myself that I wouldn’t wait so long before I went out for another event!  If you’re interested in hearing an AM Quar show, his Profile has some of his regular gigs listed – or join his group to receive invites to all his great shows.  As for the Dragon Moon venue, a huge thanks to them for hosting live events like this, and if you want to see the paparazzi yourself:

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