Tips for Export/Import Second Life & InWorldz

It seems like it should be so easy!  Can’t I just drag my own creations from one grid to the next?  Or, I’ve even heard about some inventory backup-to-hard-drive gadget…??  For the past six months I’ve been porting objects between InWorldz & SecondLife  – both ways….and here’s how it works most accurately for me.  I’ve not ported any scripted or animated objects – my experience is with porting multi-prim textured objects with regular and sculpted prims only.


  1. You must use the same viewer for both actions.  (I prefer Phoenix, but have had success with Imprudence too.
  2. You must be the creator of the object.  My viewer even prohibits export of full perm objects I didn’t create.

Here’s how it works for me.  Let’s say I’m taking an 11 prim lantern from IWz to SL.

Rezz the lantern in IWz, right click it and select More…then More again, then Export.

Save and name it in a way that you will remember later!!  It should be as an XML File.  I always name it same for both worlds and save to my desktop.  It appears as a Folder and an XML file, with appropriate names.

Now, in SL, at top left of your (same) viewer, select File/Import Linkset.  Select the XML File.

OH! Now the fun begins.  My experience is that the ported object appears SOMEWHERE near my avi…sometimes behind my camera’s view.  You may need to cam out a bit…look around.  I’ve even had to do an Area Search to find it.  I have learned that setting my camera view close to my avi’s feet before I import… usually the ported object will appear nearby.

Wow – the lantern looks great.  Woot!  but…wait.  In my research, I’d read that Cleaning your Cache and Restarting might make things look different.  So I did that and …FUCK!  It’s now a wooden blob of white prims! 😦   Grrrr

So… I quickly learned that I needed to have the sculpt maps and textures in both worlds – transfered independently.

Fortunately all the prim settings are saved – size and texture details.  I could Edit the blob and add the maps and drop the textures on and it began taking perfect shape.

NOTE: After porting, be sure to check the object’s permissions – as the porting process opens all the Perms.

For simple 1 prim objects – it’s probably easier to just start the object from scratch in the new world.  With high prim, complicated builds (my 130 prim brass bed, for example) – Porting was a lifesaver!  Particularly nice is that the texture settings are in tact!

Scripts and animations are a different matter – but similar, in that you’d take them to your hard drive then upload in new world.   These items may not be quite as compatible in various worlds, as grids vary.

Those are the basics involved – however, I’ve encountered many exceptions and glitches along the way.  Some things just never make the export to my desktop.  Some don’t make the import.  More times than I can count I’ve had the annoying glitch of the map or texture going BLANK!  PERMANENTLY  When this happens, the map has no shape or the texture appears white/blank!   Usually a cache clean fixes this.  More than once I’ve needed to reinstall my viewer.  Using a different viewer will make them appear normal again.. some weird sort of file corruption, I guess…?  If anyone knows more about that, I’m all ears!  This issue makes me evaluate the need of porting versus starting the object from scratch….if it’s a simple build, I start from scratch.

Feel free to add your experiences here!  My Google analytics show that dozens of people search this topic daily!  Questions?  Feel free to write me in IWz or SL!

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  1. Personally, I use Second Inventory. It just works, without any of the difficulties you describe. Plus it displays a lot of potentially useful information in the process.

  2. I’ve been wrangling with importing and exporting to and from InWorldz for about a month now. What I am finding personally, is it is almost impossible for me to export my stuff from Inworldz. Either the object or textures or sculpts become corrupted somehow, or the option to Export is greyed out entirely in Imprudence, even when all items in the object are my own creations/textures/sculpts. A friend suggested I try making everything in Second Life and then exporting from there to everywhere else. I haven’t tried this yet, but wiling to set up a studio there just to build. Not looking forward to that expense though, since it’s free to build and import textures in InWorldz, but not in SL. it’s part of why I set up and began making hair in InWorldz. A much more creator friendly world for people just starting out and learning the ropes!

    I also use Second Inventory, and highly recommend it. The expense has more than paid for itself and I love it for most things. I find it to be fabulous for fairly simple builds like clothing, buildings, and furniture, but I do find it lacking entirely for importing/exporting my hair, which is often close to 200 prims comprised of small tortured, twisted, sculpted, and flex prims, with 4-5 textures per wig. Usually for me Second Inventory will not even recognize the full number of prims in the linkset and each time I try a backup of a linked hair object, it returns an entirely different total prim count. Not at all encouraging. I am beginning to suspect that is related to my internet speed (DSL- sadly). So for me, for the really complex styles, I need to stick with XML exports, which are working OK, but a big long juggling act.

    XML is good for exporting/importing things you don’t need to recolor. But for hair, having Second Inventory working properly on a fast internet connection would be best, since it saves the individual prim names that allow me to run my scripts to recolor the hair with textures based upon prim name definitions. With XML, the individual object prim names are not saved, so I end up with a real mess. The solution for me there is to color the hair in all 30 colors in one grid, then one by one import the xml files.

    I have used Imprudence for the import and export vehicle but did find I ended up with the blank white prims problem more often than not. Same with Phoenix, for me. A friend suggested I try Meerkat for this, and it works much better for me, bringing over my textures and sculpts just great and seems to be faster with less crashes when importing.

    I wish I could find one program/viewer that had everything I like all in one, but so far I’ve had to use a collection of viewers and programs to accomplish everything I need as a creator in virtual worlds.

    Love to hear what other people experience, and thanks Dancer, for this informative post!

    Boudica – Destiny Hair

    • what is meerkat? can you give a link? I’m using a regular PC though, so if it’s for MAC, just let me know please:)

  3. I have the same experiences as everyone here. I have used Second Inventory when I can borrow someone elses PC (I use a Mac) but otherwise it is as you all say, a hit and miss experience, worse when SL is involved.

    The good thing about linksets is that even if the sculptie and tex information doesn’t make it I still have the positioning information… a large linkset all the prims are at least in the right place.

    Also, I have gone to the trouble of rebuilding some stuff… it does have a few advantages in that I correct those small flaws I didn’t tidy up first time round.

    …generally, it’s a labour of love.

  4. So glad to hear I’m not alone with my issues! and…I’m definitely going to give Second Inventory another try – Boudica, I appreciate the details about high prim, etc….will help me optimize my time with it!

    *waves to Tracer, Boudica and Soror* Thanks for sharing here! It’s much appreciated!

  5. The ability to right click more>more>export seems to have gone.

    • Wow, CaptainCrazy – I didn’t know that. There must be an updated or alternate viewer that can do this….Would love to know if you find one!

  6. “So… I quickly learned that I needed to have the sculpt maps and textures in both worlds – transferred independently.”

    Did your imported prim then inherit the correct maps / textures upon import — or do you mean that you had to have them handy to manually reapply them all?

    • Hi Chaz. You don’t inherit the correct maps/textures upon import. That had to be done separately. Reapplying all maps and textures – but, the settings/repeats/size is already on the imported prim, which helped. I haven’t done any importing in a couple years, and another person has written that the import feature is no longer on their viewer….so check that aspect out first!

  7. how do you import or export mesh. I am trying to move some items from sl to avination and it is not working the way you talking about i don’t get to save it as an xml file it saves it as an oxp file.

    • Hi 🙂 Sorry, but I only know (and wrote about) importing regular prims from SL to InWorldz. I don’t have any experience with mesh or the Avination interface or platform. I bet Avination has info on it…have you searched their blogs? Good luck!

  8. can any one help me please Inworldz is bloody hopeless and aren’t understanding my issue. this is what i am doing step by step. right click the building i built with out textures on it press more and more again then export XML i then open the folder witch i want to export too and save it there. it says it is done exporting so i go over to the other grid and go to file and import XML i go into the folder witch i saved it in and its not in there, it is no where to be found….. another case is i try to export and it just sits on the exporting dialog box all day i don’t let it go that far but thats what its like it just gets stuck there, i am using singularity client, i have tried using the original inworldz viewer but that one doesn’t allow you too export XML. do any one have any other suggestions on what i can do ??????

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