Full Circle with a New Shop Location

I was really excited to find a retail parcel for rent on the Esoterica sim in Second Life.   I’m not sure what took me so long – I should have sought this out a long time ago!  It’s not my first shop rental …but something about getting set up there was giving me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Esoterica sim is the home of Flashmans!!!   You have been to the opium den at Flashmans, haven’t you?? Long long ago when I was still quite noobish – I stumbled upon Flashmans.  At the time, it was at a different location and had a different owner.  Martin Ren, the proprietor, had built a quaint and unique little place.  It was full of deco designs, secret rooms, a ghost, opium pipe, ambiant music stream, cool vintage themed animations, arm wrestling, history..even a mouse!  I’m sure it was the first place I’d been that wasn’t a strip club full of blinging primary colors, classic rock music and strobe lights!  It really wowed me!

Over the years, as I was decorating my place (Astoria della Mar), Flashmans was often in my mind.  I wanted my place to feel like THAT!  Vintage and Quirky!  Over the years, I eventually added many similar items to Astoria.  In recent months, all the Glimmer Moon shop items have striven for that feel too!

Here's one corner of the cozy shop.

Flashmans has new owners and a new location now… Phideaux Mayo and Echo Underwood are the current proprietors!  Flashmans has a new look (a creation of Martin Ren even!) and is situated on the corner of the Esoterica sim.  There are also some really cute shops – antiques, steampunk, all unique and fun!

My stuff feels at home in this shop!

Small and easy for me to fill with clutter!

Even a little porch...

During my first 15 minutes I even had a customer…willing to pay me money!!

...but not for my shop merchandise...

Ah well… I was once a noob visiting Flashmans too!

If you enjoy my creations or the feel of Astoria della Mar..you really must check out Flashmans!  (but…please – don’t show up like my first visitor!)

I thank Martin, Phideaux and Echo for the quirky inspiration!!  No wonder I have a warm fuzzy feeling at this new shop location…this is really where it all began for me!

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