My 1st Rezz Day for InWorldz!

Today marks my 1 year rez day on the InWorldz grid!  Wow, it’s really gone fast.  And while I’m not one to rank favorites – it’s been a superior year.  Certainly different than years since 2006 in SL.  I didn’t learn how to build on IWz, but, I did learn how to feel creative, how to bring my little concepts to reality…lol, how to even have a concept!  My skills improved as I’ve learned to utilize more of the building tools and things happen faster for me.

In SL and IWz, I applied a few of my RL skills with web media to my shops and couldn’t be more pleased with the results.   I’ve stopped comparing the two grids and see them as complimentary locations for each other.  They’re different and I love them both.

I’ve stopped watching the attendance in IWz, and have come to the (happy) conclusion that it may never grow much larger.  There is a core of people who are there exclusively – for the long term…and another group of people that come for a short while, exploring and spending for a bit, but then move on.  Just like SL, eh?

In the past year, I began a blog!  It’s fun to learn more about WordPress…but, there’s just not enough time to write interesting things.  The best result I have with it is for my weekly shop updates.  I update the pages for both shops weekly and it’s grown huge!  I even had to upgrade to a page that holds more image files!  A great sales tool!

With my InWorldz shop, I see a more spiking flow of business.  Sometimes 3-4 days will pass with no shoppers, but then one arrives and seems to buy one of everything, breaking my prior sales records with one visit!  Many times I think things are growing more sluggish there, but at the end of each month – the results are still great!  I guess what really prompted me to write today was this Hypergrid Business article I just found, about IWz economy…  It seems to support the results I’m having.  And…I couldn’t resist passing it around, as I know there are many who wonder if anything is going on here – perhaps still doubting it’s viability.

As always, I’m ready to answer questions about IWz and to help you check it out.  Need a free place to hang your hat or open a little shop while you test the waters?  Or to convert a few dollars?… let me know.

Thanks to the InWorldz Founders and all the interesting and generous people there – who have made my first year so fun and inspiring!

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