InWorldz News Network

Have you heard about IWNN?  A fun news site covering all things InWorldz!  I was really flattered to be invited to join their writing staff…and in my spare time (ha!) have finally submitted something for them.

My piece covers a recent summer fashion show – but please explore the whole site.  It still feels fairly new there – but, new content is added often!

There wasn’t much space for photos of the fashions there…so, below are a few of the swimsuit highlights!

Raven Dulce – Fashion Show MC
Manni Poliert
Gina Clarity
Tori Jules
Rhiannon McKenna
Divalin Magic
The Lifeguard

Has Your InWorldz Peaked?

I am loving every moment of my IWz time.  I’ve slowly added to my tier obligations, slowly growing my group, slowly adding inventory…well, it’s not always slow – it lurches up and down 🙂  …but, it’s very ..calculated.

Since I joined in November 2010, there’s been a tremendous excitement in IWz!   The members are patient with the beta aspects…feeling like we’re getting in on the ground floor of a great thing..and that when the physics are added – look out, it’s going to GROW!  But…just how big do we expect it to become?  Average attendance in SL is 40-50,000.   Is that what we expect?  Or something more reasonable, like 1/4 of that?  10,000 users IWz at once?  🙂

It’s grown since I’ve been there.  There were 650 regions when I joined…Now, mid-May 2011, there are 882.  (Edited:  January 21, 2012 there are 884)When I joined, the highest attendance I saw was around 150…that grew to exceed 200 – at peak times.  Yet… I rarely see attendance over 200 any more…and those last 20-30 new regions took forever to appear.

Please know that I am not trying to report negatively about IWz!!!  I adore it there and my little biz continues to exceed my expectations in so many ways!  It’s just that in the past month, I’ve noticed a few changes – and I know I’m not alone.  I think I’m writing now because I want to encourage people to be realistic about what IWz can do for you….and what we can do for IWz.  I don’t think IWz has peaked…but I do think our expectations may have been steered off course.

One of the groups I belong to is Where Can I Find It.  It’s HUGE by IWz standards – over 1000 members – it’s not unusual for there to be 100 avis online at the same time there.  In spite of the fact that I am not an enthusiast of group banter – I find this group to be a single resource for so many things.  In addition to finding things and sharing my own creations…Viewing the activity in this sizeable group makes me feel like I’ve got my finger on the pulse of IWz!  I can see  what others are creating, prices, new businesses and clubs,what is being sought, trends, etc.

Until about a month ago, the Group Notices there were primarily promotions for new creations and upcoming events.   Surely I’m not the only one to notice the shift of Notices going towards land rental and region sales.  Recently, I read a Notice stating that unless a particular shop made enough sales that day, they were going to have to close their doors!  😦

Land is SO much more affordable in IWz, and the abundant prims are irresistible!  If you ever had visions of being a landlord or even land mogul in Second Life… how could you not buy a sim (or 3 or 5 or 10) IWz?  How easy to imagine it would be simple to make ends meet!

Yet I ask, is it wise to buy more land than you need?  Why not add a sim when the others get full?  It may be cheaper in IWz, but the supply and demand may not be the same.  So much similarity between the worlds…but on a smaller scale.

It’s not just IWz that hopes to see growth…the other open sims, AviNation, OSgrid, 3rdRock, etc… they are hoping to lure users from SL too.  I’ve read a ton of mud-slinging between the supporters/users of these groups – each claiming to be the best!  From what I’ve been able to read, IWz is leading the way there…I’ve tried some of them too – obviously I’m enjoying IWz the most.

Amongst all the alternative grids, there’s a rampant bashing of Second Life.  🙂 It’s easy to hear horror tales, issues with Lindens, land, account issues, stalkers… my SL has had issues too.   Many people have “sworn off” SL – claiming they will never return.  Yet, I don’t think bashing the other grids is healthy for any of the grids.

I can understand having a preference, even giving up your old grid for a new one.   But, there will always be many grids for people to consider.  We’re still on the edge of virtual gaming…won’t there always be variations and offshoots?

I’ve begun to think of them as all related.  I have friends in one world.. I have friends in the other.  I have shops in one…shops in the other.  I buy clothes in one – and the other.  The goals are the same for me.   It was MY attitude that was different in each world…but now – they’ve really melded together.

Has anyone else heard/read about a future with grids that are connected?  One avi that can TP between grids, taking their Inventory with them…?  As a merchant, I shudder at the thought of my items being whisked somewhere without my consent…yet, maybe the real answer isn’t about ME knowing about ALL the grids…but rather, a bigger picture.  Making content that is universal, for all grids.

I use two texture websites that sell their textures via email – and you pay according to the level of permission you want.  Just SL – SL & all other virtual grids – SL, all grids AND full creative use, anywhere.  This makes perfect sense to me, and works beautifully for my dual virtual lives!

I could imagine an online shop, like SLMarketplace, that supported all the grids.  Items would be exchanged in the same manner we export/import linksets now…via XML files.

LOL…is that too far fetched?  I don’t really think so….imagine…we could all experience all the grids – with such ease!

Meanwhile, I’m feeling bad for the folks that overextended themselves IWz.  Having money worries is obviously bad…and a different type of bad feeling comes when you have to pull your tenderly created prims or say goodbye to that wonderful landscape you labored over.

Just like SL, the alternate grids have risks.  Protect yourself!  Be prepared for change!  Don’t risk more than you can really afford.  Personally, I acquire land or shop rental space only if I know I can have fun maintaining it all by myself.  Yes, I aspire to earn enough to pay my rent – but, in my heart and mind….the whole virtual package is about having fun.  It’s a hobby!!   I’d like to think that if my renters left and I never sold another object…I’d still be having fun and my expenses would still be worthwhile.

My IWz is still more beautiful than anything in my SL.

Members of InWorldz… I caution us to not sound desperate!  I’m a big advocate of advertising and promoting our works… but, really… excessive and repetitive advertising isn’t going to fix anything.  If there’s currently a lull with InWorldz growth – hammering the existing members with repetitive ads is frankly …annoying..and sad.  I make a bi-weekly group Notice in the Where Can I Find It group.  My Notice provides the url link to my blog – and via this WordPress blog, I can track how many readers I attract.  The results are ALWAYS worthwhile.  (My Transaction page also proves it!)  However, of those thousand members, only a small portion of them are NEW members – the majority are the same core group.  To keep the repeat reader interested, the information needs to be fresh!!  Even your old items can be spotlighted in a new way, fresh description, new photos, suggestions for new uses, etc.  (what a great way to improve & optimize our advertising marketing skills!)  For Pete’s sake, double check your spelling and grammar while you’re at it!!

If we want IWz to grow – we must continue to make a great impression on the new users.  This is something IWz already has a great reputation for!!  EVERY article and interview I’ve seen has praised IWz for the warm welcome and helpful attitude.  The Mentors are fabulous at helping people get started!  The Founders are awesome at helping with account and land issues.  There is a great sense of community there.

I’m a little worried that IWz members could lose some of this.  Now, more than ever, we need to stay upbeat and positive!  By no means am I suggesting you should stay longer than you want…just that, if we are there – and if we want it to keep growing – we’ve got to continue to show that warm and positive feeling.    The attitude of IWz is one of its strongest selling points!

Are we staying true to the feelings and motivations that inspired us originally?

Just like in RL – during this tough economy, NOW MORE THAN EVER it is wise to invest in your product and continue (even expand) your advertising & promotional efforts.  I know it’s hard to justify spending more when you’re earning less…but, it’s a proven advertising strategy in RL. (assuming you plan to stick with it for awhile!)   Also, land barons beware… There’s a trap when you lower your rental prices too much…when the economy revives, it’s very difficult to raise your rents to your original price point.

2 readers of my blog roll have expressed confusion that some of my posts are about SL – others IWz.  But..they’re not confused anymore!  It’s been a great way to let my SL readers see how cool IWz is.  Expose the various grids to each other!  Do you have any way to share your IWz with folks in other worlds?     My virtual time is rather diligently divided between SL and IWz – and while that’s not the best approach for everyone – I ask you to consider keeping your virtual doors open to all the worlds! ….open in both directions!

Honestly…I like the smallness of IWz.  If it never grows another region, I’ll enjoy the creative opportunity it provides for me.  It sparked a flame of creativity that has changed so many things for me in RL, SL, IWz!!

My wish is that all the InWorldz members enjoy their time there as much as I do!  I encourage you to think about the things that brought you there originally.  To recall the amazing things that Second Life has inspired and taught us, regarding virtual worlds.  To think long and hard about your virtual goals and if the worlds you’re in can make them come true.  Lastly, in the words of John F. Simmedy, to “Ask not what your grid can do for you, but what you can do for your grid.”

Glimmer Moon Warehouse – Second Life

This post is for featuring my newest items  for sale in SecondLife!   Most items are mod/copy.  Newest content always at the top of the page.  Details for the weekly ONE LINDEN ITEMS will be included here too!

Over 140 items are listed on SLMarketplace – I’d sort the page for Newest first!

I’m happy to deliver, send them as a gift, or provide a mod/no copy version for you to share.  Need a variation on a piece? …just send an IM!

Located at:

Magical Garden Entrance_001

I wish the photo reflected how cool I think this really looks!  Just 5 prims and tons of garden delight!

Porch News July 13 2013_001

News from the Porch, July 13, 2013

..and on the porch, new plants, a lamp, garden table, gold metal chest and the Directoire Cabinet!  All copy/mod and 2 are just 1L.

RL has become much more interesting and I can barely get in to SL.  I still LOVE making things here…but less time.  Seems my weekly updates are more monthly.  I’m not done, however – just a bit slower!

News from the Porch, May 18, 2013

News from the Porch, May 18, 2013

Evidently, it’s all about dressers!  Hey everyone!  Long time no see!  All the dressers are 2 prims, except the one on top, it’s 1.   1 prim art for your walls too!

2 are just 1 L till the next update.

News from the Porch March 26, 2013

News from the Porch March 26, 2013

Hello everyone !  A few new items before I leave town for a VACATION!  There’s a groovy woody mat/rug thingy – bright painted wood.  Got an old garage?  How about an old Tune Up sign?  The four Asian prints are a total of just 1 prim!  1 prim for the Portrait of a Gentleman  and the Louis XV porcelain clock too!  A new color for the old Downton Torchiere’ is available, 3 prims.  2 prims for each of the dressers.  A cigar is just a cigar, with the simple little cigar box. 2 prims for the table top French mirror.  My favorite is the 1 prim Golden Garden Archway.  This has endless possibilities!!

2 will be just 1L until the next update – late April.

March 9 2013 Porch News_001

Porch News on March 9, 2013

How are you this week? I’m here to share new items – I’m still working with my own texture creations, it’s a fun challenge!  Both dressers are just 2 prims.  On the left dresser is a 3 prim clock, a 2 prim Faberge’ Egg on a sweet display, and a rather odd lion lamp! Behind them is a 1 prim door crown – that will look great on a wall – or above a door, and the nude male study print, on the far right – also 1 prim.

Of course, 2 are listed for just 1Linden until my next update – tell a friend!

News from the Porch, Feb. 23, 2013

News from the Porch, Feb. 23, 2013

Greetings everyone!  An odd collection of new items to share this time…LOVE games?  You might like the 1 prim Scrabble print – or it’s 2 prim (with dropped E) sister.  Rich and ornate, the Tall Asian Cabinet is just 2 prims and the Used Books Shelf is just 1.    The Mobil Gas Pegasus is 1 prim, glows and flickers too!  For 2 prims, a realistic vintage photo in table top frame “At the Justice of the Peace.”  So the Head Lights…I’m not sure about them…weird and wonderful, perhaps.  2 versions, 1 flickers – both 2 prims.  The Sweet Round Table is just 2 prims. A simple 1 prim poster featuring a vintage cruise ship ad – was inspired by the recent cruise incident in the Gulf (and my vacation next month!).

As usual – 2 items will be just 1L until the next update.  Remember, that’s not exclusive to our Group – tell your value seeking, antique enthusiast friends!

Feb 8 2013 Porch News_001

I’ve been having so much fun with new textures – created by me and my RL camera!  The Shabby Blue Cabinet and the Map Drawers are just 1 prim each.  The dressers, just 2.  Two cute potted arrangements…a topiary and bouquet, each just 2 prims and lovely pots!   2 new wall sconces – top, 2 prims, bottom 3.

2 are just 1L till my next update!

Porch News Jan 26 2013_001

I’m slower these days, partially because I’ve been delving into creating my own textures – and this weeks offerings include a few!  2 new dressers – similar yet different.  On the left, 3 prims for the more ornate shabby green dresser – but just 1 prim for the taller model on the right.  Several versions of a 1 prim file card drawer.  (remember when these were required at the library?)  All of the lamps are just 2 prims.  I think my favorite this time is the Broke Baroque Mantle Clock – it’s a slightly curved, simple 1 prim transparency that will look great on an old fireplace.   There’s also the Spinning Wheel Clock, 1 prim – also broken – and oddly, both clocks say it’s 10:10!  Except for the 2 1L items, they’re all copy/mod.

Porch News January 11 2013_001

It’s been awhile, but finally some new offerings!  The water closet cabinet is just 2 prims and just 3 prims for the sunflower in a pitcher on top.  The old globe is just 3 prims – and behind it, Our Lady of Guadalupe mosaic is 2 prims.  4 new lamps…1 hanging, 1 table top and 2 wall torches.   Lastly, the Dark Shadows end table is only 2 prims.

2 are just 1 Linden, until my next update.

Happy New Year Everyone!

News from the Porch December 16, 2012News from the Porch December 16, 2012

Ho Ho Ho!  ’tis the season to be busy!  🙂  A few new items for your consideration…another holiday tree…this one smaller and with a sweet angel on top.  2 prims.  2 Old Green dresser pieces, each 2 prims.  A very detailed book case for 2 prims.  A revamping of the pink chandelier – 3 prims.  Harder to see – but a red Algerian hanging lamp with 4 prims.  The portrait is just 1 prim, as is the flickering strand of chili pepper lights.

2 are just 1 L until next update…which will probably be after the New Year!

Wishing you all a healthy and happy season.

December 1, 2012 News from the Porch

December 1, 2012 News from the Porch

Hello everyone!  I can’t believe it’s already December!  Speaking of December…there’s a 2 prim Christmas tree, with a glowing star on top! The Boarding House Bureau is 3 prims and the Dark Shadows End Table has 7 detailed prims.  There are 2 steaming oven fresh pies, pumpkin and berry!  The Mount Vernon Tall Dresser is 3 prims – and fresh off of the Antique Grid Show Hunt – the 6 prim Autumn Globe Lamp.  My favorite this month is the treasure trove inside the Pirate’s Chest.  Gold, vases, rubies, relics (see ad below) within!  2 of them are just 1 Linden until my next update.

Mt Vernon Tall Dresser Ad

Pirate Treasure Chest Ad

Sweet Breads Bowl

Welcome Sign Ad

Green Welcome Sign Ad

Tunis Hanging Lamp

Moroccan Shabby Chic Lamp

News from the Porch – November 11, 2012

I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last post here!  RL work keeps me busier these days – and I just returned from an autumn leaves cruise along the east coast – just missing the Hurricane Sandy!  So…just a few new pieces this week.   3 prims for the Little Blue Cabinet – and 3 for the Barrel of Peppers on top.   The Greenwood Dresser and Basement Kitchen Cabinet are 2 prims.  The Baroque Courtesan’s Screen is 4 prims and that Old Broken Clock is 4 too!

2 are listed for 1 L this week!  (this is for anyone, not just group members, fyi!) 

Byzantine Jeweled Mosaic

Olive Globe Lamp

Baroque Courtesan Screen

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Deco Dancer Clock Lamp

The Redwood Curio Cabinet

The Botanist Prints

Japanese Screen

Old Broken Clock

October 6, 2012 News from the Porch

Hello everyone!  New items pictured above AND below!  Starting above, left… 2 bronze reliefs – just 1 prim each.  Just 1 prim for the wooden pallet too!  2 prims for the old lamp – even a light bulb inside the shade.  Rustic and beautiful, the old lantern has a soft glow and 5 prims.  3 prims for the vintage vase of flowers and also 3 for the potted mother-in-law’s tongue!  The 1 prim Wicker Block Table can be resized so many ways!  …yes, it’s a bit early, but here’s a new holiday tree – 18 prims and lots of details – even a sweet angel on top!  The new Christmas Home is open… there’s an LM giver now.  Of course, 2 of the above items are just 2 prims each until the next posting.

An Autumn Yard Set

A splash of autumn for your yard. 5 prims total, the tree, lamp and autumn fern.  It’s copy/mod – you can do a million things with it!

Warehouse News September 29 2012

Warehouse News September 29 2012

Helllooooo Everyone!  A few new items to share this week!  On the left, I found a 1 prim cabinet from Istanbul!  On top, 3 prims for the tiki head (with a flickering candle inside).  In the middle, the Moray Clock is my favorite this month… 4 prims.  To the right is a whitewashed armoire’, just 2 prims.  In the foreground, it’s AUTUMN, with leaves, inside and out of the bushel – and the rake!  Just 1 prim for the 3-d gold frame on the right…and with great detail, (8 prims) there are 2 new hanging lights, one with Tiffany glass, the other an olive globe.  2 of these items are just 1L until my next update.

I’m having some really great RL events happening 🙂 but, it is limiting my time to create.   I’m hoping that November will find me back to normal here…and I’m hoping that you are doing great! xo

News from the Porch, September 12, 2012

*waves*  New things to share!  I’m so excited about this huge ivy archway!  There are little white lights at the top – it’s totally mod-able to fit your door or garden, or remove/add lights.  Just 3 prims!  Hanging in the middle…Another hanging stained glass – this one with painted iris flowers.  4 prims.  The Botanist Prints are lovely…and, the back sides feature RL style backing.  On the right, just 2 prims for the Redwood Curio Cabinet.  In the middle…a departure from my normal style, I think….The Autumn Harp – with ivy wrapping around and there is an old lantern hanging as well.  Have a seat on the bench to begin playing. 9 prims.   Of course, 2 are just 1L!

News from the Porch, September 1, 2012

Hello everyone!  For your consideration this week:  Fresh from the Gypsyies, Tramps & Thieves Hunt, the 2 prim Japanese Screen.  Also, the Country Dining Table, 6 prims.  On the table, The Underwear Salesman Suitcase (3), I Love Donuts (3), and a bottle of Eau de Toilette (1).  Hanging above, the Silver Rosette Light Catcher (4) and Golden Teardrop Light (3).  To the left side, a giant 1 prim tree.  To the right, a 1 prim urn and 2 prim Closed Umbrella.  2 of them are just 1 prim (trans) till my next update!  Happy Decorating!

News from the Porch, August 24, 2012

News from the Porch, August 24, 2012

Hi !! *waves*  Remember Glimmer Moon?  A few new items to share this week – they took longer than usual to get here (perhaps a new trend), but I’m thrilled to offer the following for your consideration.   The Little Noir Desk is 4 prims and the coordinating chair, just 1!  On the left, the 3 prim Tulip Garden Lamp.  On the desk, Lillie’s Talc Can (details below), Nana’s Bon Bon Tray (my favorite) with 8 prims and a Lush Apricot and bottle of 800 Beer, each just 1 prim.  Hanging above is the 3 prim Tunis Hanging Lamp and a one prim barrel on the right.  All are copy/mod – except the 2 that are marked for JUST 1 LINDEN.    and…I am slower these days, but STILL HAPPILY HERE!  My best to you all!

Click to grab it on the Marketplace.

News from the Warehouse Porch July 28, 2012

Finally!  I missed a week, but am back with a few simple and lovely new items!   First, the Asian Noir Side Table – 6 prims.  On the bottom a 1 prim Psalm Book and 2 prims for the firefighter’s hat.  The 2 prim bamboo lamp has really grown on me – but I’m not sure about the 2 prim hand held heart shaped mirror!  My favorite is the beautiful 1 prim Prussian Urn.

The Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves Hunt starts soon and I’m loving everything about it!  (including my prize!)

2 of the above items are free, trans only until next week – or maybe the week after!  RL has taken a busy turn and I’m not getting enough hours for SL these days.

July 14, 2012 – News from the Porch

Is it summer yet?  Whew…it’s a hot one!  Great weather for me to sit in front of the air conditioner and push pixels around!  For your consideration this week….An old treasure chest full of – posies!  Just 3 prims.  Rez another, take out the flowers, close the lid…lots of variations!  On the wall, The Kimono Sleeve print is 1 prim.  The Simple Side Table is just 2 prims.  On top – the items are harder to see, but a very cool, 7 prim, vintage gun – The Old Winston, and a 1 prim atomizer…and The Last Tango in Paris Butter is 3 prims.  (If you have to ask why the butter has that name, I can’t help you!! hehe)…and perhaps my favorite this week, the 2 prim Amber Ceiling Lamp.  2 are just 1 L each this week (trans only) – mod/copy versions full price in the store.   Oh AND…my friend Sam has begun building – he’s made a Clarinet Lamp that is free, (and very fun) on the porch too!

Porch News July 7 2012

Hello Everyone!  A few new items for your review… The big round patio table is just 3 prims!  On top of it, a simple 1 prim candlestick as well as a flickering candle version – 3 prims.  A  lamp direct from The Historical Hunt is 3 prims – and even a 1 prim European newspaper!  Hanging on the wall is a little wooden welcome sign (2 prims) and the golden wrought iron candle holder…9 prims.  Lastly, a golden frame, just 1 prim and no disappearing transparency affect!

2 will be just 1L this week!

News from the Porch, June 29, 2012

Somehow I missed an entire week!  It vanished into RL!  *waves* Here are this week’s new old things!  The Garage Sale Lamp, on the left, is a bright 2 prims and same for the Shabby Blue Sideboard!  The tray with pot and 4 cups of hot cocoa is only 3 prims, and the hot cocoa is swirling in the cups!  My favorite this week is the 2 prim Little Amber Torchiere’!  The Fantasia Side Table is just 3 prims and an odd mix of Baroque and Fantasy!  Somebody broke in to The Egyptian Museum and stole Tut’s Tomb!  I managed to get a 2 prim copy!  He’s just 1 dimensional, but slightly 3D, great against a wall or in a corner.  Behind it all is the latest screen – 3 sturdy prims of iron.

June 17, 2012 Porch News

June 17, 2012 Porch News

Greetings Everyone!  The porch has a few new items for your consideration this week… The Cabin Coffee Table has lots of ornate details, but just 3 prims!  On its left, 2 prims for the potted shooting star plant.  Direct from the now-finished Silk Road Hunt, 3 prims for the Downton Bedside Lamp.   After Mr. Fabrege’s recent birthday celebration, I found this royal blue egg, 2 prims.   A sweet little pot full of ivy, 3 prims.  On the ground, 4 prims for the terracotta cooking pot.  Hanging above, That 70’s Kitchen Light is 3 prims.  2 are just 1 L (and Trans only) for the week – and the rest are copy/mod.

June 10, 2012 Porch News

Not long ago, a virtual acquaintance told me that I should create “furniture sets.”   Matching furniture??? Clearly, I have no clue how to do this! So here is the usual non-matching group of items!  Far left…an old bath tub.  It’s missing some legs, but has grown grass…even has its own spigot!  7 prims.   A little “diner chair” with 4 prims.   In the middle, the Beat Up Upright Piano!  Made from Astorian lumber scraps, this definitely matches with nothing…barely the piano bench – which seats 2 pianists!  (previous Glimmer Moon shoppers may find it somehow DOES match something you’ve bought here!)15/5 prims.  That 70’s Coffee Table, on the just 1 prim.  There’s a candle in an old bottle of pirate’s rum (2 prims) and a bowl of sweet croissants and muffins (5 prims).  All are copy & mod – except the 2 items listed for just 1 L this week.

June 2, 2012 – Porch News

*waves* Hello everyone!  There are 2 hunts happening here this week – The Silk Road and the Cookie Jar 1st Anniversary… signs near the landing point.   New this week:  The row of 4 rustic barrels in just 1 prim.  The cattails are available individually now – just 1 prim each, and each slightly different.  There are 2 life buoys…one static and the other slowly spinning (perfect for the water).  2 new perfume bottles – and one set with a mirrored tray with older models (see ad below).  Most bottles are 1 prim.  A mid century shiny gold torchiere’ – just 2 prims.  2 vintage posters.  My favorite is the Casablanca Hanging Lantern..just prims.  I show 3 sizes, but you can mod one of them into any size you need…and lastly the Mediterranean lime tree – complete with little white lights!

2 items are just 1 L this week (but no copy)

The Courtesan's Perfume Tray

The Courtesan’s Perfume Tray

The Courtesan’s Perfume Tray is also on the Marketplace.

Available on the Marketplace.

May 27, 2012 News from the Porch

Hello everyone and here are a few new items on the porch this week.  First…an ol’ brown cow, 11 prims and a sit animation.  1 prim for the well worn broom!  The rustic cart is 12 prims and lots of details!  On the cart’s bottom shelf – a gilt trimmed horn (or a book end!) 2 prims.  The beautiful ceramic bowl is 2 prims.  There’s a nifty flask with 5 prims and the pewter pitcher is 3.

For the week, 2 will be just 1 L (and copy only)

Porch News May 19, 2012

Porch News May 19, 2012

Another week, another batch of stuff!  For your consideration this week, another step ladder – this one has a more worn and rustic wood.  (3 prims)  On the ladder are 3 new “bagged” plants.  You’ve seen these plants at my place before…but these are with a new improved sculpt shape – that I LOVE!  3 prims for each plant.  Just 2 prims for the “old rose cabinet” and atop that is a steaming hot apple pie (just 1 prim).  On the right… a planter filled with cattails.  (5 prims)  All are copy/mod – except the 2 items that are just 1L.  (copy/mod full price versions are available elsewhere in the store).

Keep being awesome!

May 12, 2012 Porch News !!

Hello everyone!  A few new offerings for your consideration this week.  I saw that carved texture and HAD to make the 4 prim screen…same for the little pink table – lots of charming details – 8 prims worth.  On the table are some cute 1 prim bowls and a silver goblet.  I’m loving the detailed 3 prim birdcage, there are so many things you could do with it!  and…lastly, the brown bear skin rug – includes a sorta silly sit animation.  4 prims.   Special thanks to Terry Wumpole’s London Sims…who did a lovely interview about Glimmer Moon – you can read it here:

As usual, full priced items are all copy/mod and 2 are marked for just 1L this week, only!

The Porch News May 5, 2012

Greetings everyone!  Perhaps a bit sparse in quantity this week…but, take a peek at the revamped red rosebush on the left.  You may have seen the multi-prim flexi version down on the dock before, but thanks to Vendrinus’ request, it’s now available in this 1 prim, totally mod/copy – a great garden addition!   Just 1 prim for the Sturdy Old Bookcase.  Hard to see in the photo…but there’s a Daily Bread Plate on the shelf…3 prims, and my favorite this week – a wall hook with key ring, old keys and and lock.  6 prims, and easy to reconfigure to fit your plans!  Surprising detail in the 2 prim Curio Cabinet.  On top of it, 5 prims for an awesome old watering can with really lush green leaves bursting out.  (the leaves are just one prim total, you can really put it to use if you mod it!)  Hanging to the right, 2 prims for the Little Japanese Lamp.   The Sturdy Stepladder is 4 prims and a million uses!  The Pitcher of Spring Ivy sits on top…3 prims.  ALL COPY/MOD for your decorating needs.

Two will be marked for 1L until May 12 – and I do think they all look much better in person this week, the photo doesn’t do them justice!  Maybe scant offerings next week too, I’m only 1/2 way through my SLMarketplace upgrades *yawns*  Have an awesome week!

April 28 2012 Porch News

April 28, 2012 Porch News

Hi everyone! I can’t believe it’s almost May already! 🙂  New from the porch…on the left, the Wannabe Paris Armoire, 3 prims..on top of it, 2 rows of wine bottles, 2 types, just two prims! A new variation (beautiful glass top) on last weeks little round table, 3 prims.  On the table, Napoleon’s Goblet, single rusty old key, and a bottle of J&B Scotch (1 prim each), and my favorite this week – a plate of glass grapes!  3 prims and almost identical to the one the dining table when I was a little girl.  There is a similar golden grape version somewhere in the warehouse.  The 2 prim Apartment Hanging Lamp is above it.  On the right…the Bored Ironing Board …and stuff, like hangars and piles of clothes.  7 prims.  On the wall, 2 vintage nude prints – 1 prim each.

2 of them are just 1 L this week.  Perhaps a bit less from me in the next week – as the SLMarketplace transition is turning out to be time consuming.  My best to you all!  *smiles and waves g’bye for the week*

New on the Porch, April 15, 2012

New on the Porch, April 15, 2012

*waves*  A few new items to share this week!  First, the Mount Vernon Sideboard – 6 All American prims!  To the left, a medicinal cannabis plant – 4  prims (warning, illegal in some states).  On the lower right, a Picasso forest print.  Bottom front, my favorite item for the week, a washboard!  3 prims – and a different design on each side.  Background wall – just 1 prim for the 3 paneled blue flower print.  On top, a bottle of vodka (my favorite flavor) and setzer wine – each just 1 prim.  A cute little 4 prim red bird.  The vase of flowers is just 2 (and easy to edit/tint to new shade).  Not easy to see are the old keys…3 rusty old keys on a ring.  Mod them in to any configuration.

Of course, 2 items are just 1L each through next weekend.  Oh…by the way – I’ll be traveling a bit – no new items for two weeks!  Thanks for all that you do!

New for April 7, 2012

New for April 7, 2012

Greetings!  For your consideration, new vintage items!  On the left, a 2 prim Crate Cabinet…mismatched and well worn textures.  On top, 1 prim for My Diary book.  and…all week, this next item kept me wanting RL snacks… Strawberry Shortcake on a beautiful porcelain cake plate. 6 pims.  One more 2 prim golden scepter.  The Plush Wine Comfy Chair (details below).  The little wrought iron table with marble top is only 3 prims and lots of detail.  Just 1 prim for the mug of Baileys and Coffee…and 1 for the strawberry preserves.  The Everglades Flamingo is a charming 2 prims.  The black traditional wall lantern has 10.  Lastly – my favorites this week – 2 stained glass window hangings.  Nice Guy is on the left, and Nice Guy Too is on the right (Happy Easter, by the way, if you celebrate it!)  Slightly transparent and 4 prims each.

2  items are just 1 L through April 13.

Lastly, Glimmer Moon has been in the news lately.  Most recently, group member (and nice guy) Terry Wumpole was interviewed on TreetTv for a segment about the London sims and his amazing flat there.  It’s a long feature, but about half way through (32min mark), the portion with Terry begins..and he mentions his favorite shops…including Glimmer Moon!  You can see the whole thing here: SL programs on TreetTV are always very professional – you should peek at one if you haven’t before.   AND…last month, the SL vintage magazine, The Retropolitan interviewed Dancer Glimmer!  You can read it here:,%20Feb%202011.pdf    The interview begins on page 19.

Plush Wine Comfy Chair

Plush Wine Comfy Chair

It IS comfy – and fresh off of a hunt.  Just 6 prims and Copy/Mod.

New on the Porch, March 31, 2012

No green shelves this week – not enough room!  However, there is a great 1 prim grouping of 4 barrels – yes, 4 barrels in just 1 prim!  On top of the barrel, the Boot of Paradise!  A golden boot with spurs stuffed with lovely flowers – 8 prims.  Propped against the wall is a 3 prim spear from the Crusades!  Lots of details, but only 3 prims for Holmes Hatrack.  The umbrella is one prim – and easy to Edit/Tint the color!  I love the British Empire Traveling Cabinet!  6 prims.  On top is the Petite Blooms Vase – lots of flowers but only 5 prims.  The petite lamp is 2 prims.   6 golden coins from Magellan’s treasure – 1 prim! Don’t get the brush off with a 1 prim whisk broom.  Lastly, a 1 prim jar of apricot preserves!

Through April 7, 2012, 2 items from the photo above are just 1 prim!

New, March 25, 2012 on the porch!

*waves* Hi everyone!  Some new things to share this week!  On the left, a little 1 prim Mad Men inspired table.  Easy to resize and tint too!  Above it all, a Taos Hanging Candelabra – and it’s just 4 prims….all those candles with individual flickering candles…!  Top shelf, Left to Right, a rudely named “Old Whore’s Atomizer” 🙂 Just one charming vintage prim.  Then, the Tipsy Trombone – lots of shiny details and 12 prims.  Behind it, a Picasso print (don’t tell anyone, but I think it’s a fake!).    Bottom shelf, ..ya know I like books – this one is 2 prims and quite plain, just a Little Black Book!  2 prims for the hat…not quite a Mad Hatter hat… It’s meant for decor, but I’m sure you could get it on your head if you want!  Last – The Seated Scribe.  Visitors of the Louvre have seen him, the oldest statue in the museum.  He’s Egyptian and just 3 prims.  (he’s also a weird creation, not 3-D, not visible from behind!)  ohh…and he’s surely a forgery too!

You’ll find two items in that photo for just 1L each through April 7, 2012.  Ciao for now!

New on the porch, March 17, 2012

A rare rainy day here in RL California was the perfect backdrop to work in SL!  This week, a typical mismatched assortment of stuff for your consideration!  Top shelf, L to R,  just 1 prim for Hilda’s Broom!  (rumor has it that Hilda could really sweep you off your feet!)  A fruit bowl, perhaps the best fruit here yet!  2 bananas, a great pear, a lemon and juicy half lemon, in a gold trimmed bowl – 7 prims.  Perhaps my favorite this week – a 2 prim vanity mirror.  Bottom shelf, a basic 2 prim pitcher and bowl – perfect for your boudoir!  A nifty one prim Victorian Octagon Table and the Beat Up Armoire is just 1 prim.  Details about the big green bookshelf, below.

2 items in the above photo are just 1L through March 24, 2012.

I’m out of town for work the next few days, Vegas again.  (would you believe I’m not a fan of Vegas?! ) I look forward to seeing you all soon!

The Bookworm Bookshelf

A relatively low prim count (22) for this vintage book shelf.  Lots of books (the sculpty and regular prim styles) and a golden lion bookend.  copy/mod

New for March 10, 2012

I took a detour for RL root canal since last week – but there are still lots of new things to share!  Far left, table set, see the details below.  On the bottom shelf, left…An old barrel with a little duck swimming in circles.  It’s 3 prims and… to buy it, you need to click the barrel!!! Then, the 2 prim sweet Tiffany Petite Torchiere’.  Top shelf, left…the 2 prim Attic Lamp.  Also, it’s Thyme for Pot…a little tea pot overflowing with thyme blossoms – 4 prims.  Hanging on the right, the Institutional Hanging Light – at 2 prims.  Far right, the Downton Linen Cabinet, 6 prims (but easy to remove 4 legs and still be cute!).

 And a bit of news regarding freebies…. To respect some TOS of suppliers I use, that I hadn’t fully understood, I will now be offering ONE LINDEN ITEMS instead.  There are two in the above photo now, through March 17, 2012.  I’m hoping that the value hunters will still find this worthwhile.  Feel free to send an IM if you need!

Cafe Table by the Sea

Soon to be packaged together for sale on SLMarketplace, they’re currently available individually.  Each chair is just 1 prim and a different animation.  An intimate table for two, candlelight, a plate of chocolates, red wine, flowers, a cheese plate…it’s only missing you!

Green Velvet Settee

Old, but new on SLMarketplace.

Mousy Purple Settee

Not so new, but new on the SLMarketplace.

The Garage Desk

Just one prim – and copy/mod – easy to tint or retexture.

March 3, 2012 …New offerings!

 Hello everyone!  It’s been a fun week on the warehouse roof!  More than in the picture above ..please view the few photos below too!  On the left side, 4 prints creating the At the Seamstress set.  Top shelf left, a 1 prim hatchet and a 1 prim ..are you ready for this??…T-Rex Claw Bookend –  complete with gold trim!!  Then there is Muriel’s Odd Cabinet, just 2 prims.  Bottom shelf is all 1 prim, The Wright Ground Lantern, Golden Crusades Urn and the Mislabeled Bottle of Goldshlager!   On the right is the Rockin’ Moroccan Jukebox!  The Cunningham’s head to the Casbah for this oddly beautiful (and glowing and flickering!) but primmy (29!) jukebox.  You can count on two free items from the above photo through March 10, 12.  Have a great week!

At the Seamstress Prints

Just one prim each and incredibly cute for a feminine bedroom or vintage clothing shop.  On the Marketplace too!

Sideboard details on the Marketplace.

Stuffed Pheasant details on the Marketplace.

Am I the only one watching Downton Abbey?  Lamp details on the Marketplace.

Details on the SLMarketplace.

On the landing, February 25, 2012

Just when I think I have a plan for what will be new…I get all this instead!  On the left, the Mission Buffet Table – 4 prims of rustic flavor.  On the bottom shelf, more books!   A Mayan platter (found in Spain) made of gold!    3 little seed packets – petunias, morning glory or sweet peas!  All one prim each and copy mod.  Top shelf features a painted ceramic pot of lilly’s, something like a bottle of Jagermeister 🙂 – a cozy pot and mug of coffee, and my favorite this week, a table top torchiere!  As usual, I’ll list 2 for free until next weekend.

A Courtesan’s Vanity

A little something for the working girls!  All items available individually, but in the boxed version you can save a few Ls.  (on SLMarket too)

New on the porch, February 18, 2012

Last night I realized that the week had gotten away from me and I had nothing new to share this weekend!  :/  But then, some magic in my coffee had things moving into high gear and I’ve got a wide assortment of things!  Partially visible on the left – the Carnival Lamppost, 2 prims.  Top shelf, Left, a Tiffany Deco Lamp, 2 prims.  A tiny 1 prim Fabrege’ Ruby Egg…and another that is larger, opened and filled with gems (see below), and hanging from above, The Downton Downstairs Light – and next to it, the Downton Upstairs Torchiere’!  Each 2 prims and I love the glass textures.  On the bottom shelf – a Regulator Clock – 6 prims, a 2 prim scepter (you probably already have several scepters, I’m sure), and a sweet little pink glass perfume bottle – “Madam’s Atomizer”.  Barging in from the right is the bull – more about him below.  And yes, 2 items free this week till Feb. 25, 2012.  (I didn’t totally forget last week, I just forgot to mention it)

Faberge’ Egg and Gems

I’m really liking this!  Just 4 prims – and you can copy/mod it into many configurations.  The texture detail is awesome and the gemstones came out great (if I do say so myself!) I also have a 1 prim version of the solid egg – just send an IM.   SLMarketplace too!

A bull..and that’s no bull!

ummm… 10 prims, copy and mod!

New at Glimmer Moon February 12, 2012

*waves*  How’s your week?  Over here at Glimmer Moon there are a few new additions.  First, on the porch deck – 1 prim autumn leaves.   Yes, I realize I’m late or early…but these are neat sculpted prims..making a nice leaf area with just 1 mod/copy prim.   I never have enough screens…and these 4 prim mod/copy dividers have compelling textures.  (Thanks to Blithe for the old wood texture gift!)  All the way from Brazil is a sweet little parakeet – 4 prims – totally unnoticed by the begging black cat!  3 prims, with blinking eyes!  There’s a lot of detail in the 2 prim golden flask.  Top shelf, L to R, 2 prim Octagonal Hanging Lantern,  a glass of scotch (half full!),  Irish coffee, 2 types of cupcakes – even a cinder block.  Low prims, all copy/mod.

Tree with Lights

Was difficult getting a good photo of this tree – it’s a basic 2 prim tree with little white lights flickering within.  Total, 5 prims – copy/mod and better looking in person!  🙂

New on the porch, February 4, 2012

It’s been a busy virtual week – many new things to share!  On the left, a ficus tree in a rustic barrel…with tiny white lights between the leaves!  5 prims. Bottom shelf, left…a 1 prim jug, the Film Noir Phone (4 prims), 2 stacks of vintage books with just 1 prim.  Top left…2 prim Casbah Wall Lantern, 4 prims for the interesting bust of Nefertiti, a delicate vintage plate with cheese wedge and a knife (3 prims) and lastly the Weird and Ugly Old Lamp…with tassel fringe around the shade – 4 prims.  ALL copy and mod!

2 of them are free until February 11, 2012.


The textures for these bookshelves have been around a long time, but I’ve always loved how they provided so much detail – for so few prims…so I made some too!  Just one prim for either shelf – so easy to resize – and copy!

Blue Bird Mailbox

This item was a prize in a recent hunt – now that the hunt is over, I can release it to everyone.  5 prims, copy/mod – cute!  Marketplace view here.

New on the Porch, January 28, 2012

Somehow, accidentally, these things seem color coordinated this week…. On the left, a 2 prim Asian screen.   In front, a manual cultivator (haven’t you always needed one?) that is just 3 prims.  Bottom shelf, Left, a 1 prim boomerang!  3 prims for the cute potted lilac bush.  Lots of shiny details (and 15 prims) in the Blowhard Trumpet .  Bottom right, a sweet jeweled and gilded flask.  Top Shelf, Left… my favorite item this week, a 2 prim Bee Cupboard – more details below.   You’ll be pleased to know that the stolen Picasso has been recovered!  …and up top, a Tiffany table lamp – only 2 beautiful prims.  Lastly, on the right, a 3 prim, potted prickly pear cactus!

Of course, 2 are free, through February 4, 2012.

The Bee Cupboard

The Bee Cupboard is just 2 prims.  Also available on the SLMarketplace.

New On the Porch, January 21

What a mess it appears!  Where are the shelves?  LOL …let see what all this is!  Far left is the newest buffet (see photo below), tucked beneath is a little red wagon with 7 prims.  On top are a mug and glass of beer (2-1 prims each).  On the bottom shelf (yes, there is a shelf!) a ridiculous doll house.   29 prims in total – it’s copy, but not mod and all the items are available full size in the warehouse.   A 2 prim Welcome sign – with nifty handle/hook.  On the far right, a little round table with table cloth – 2 prims.  On top of it, is the cloisonne box – you’ve seen before, but now it has gem stones inside!  If you have the old one, let me know – I’ll replace with this, free.  A wooden crate, filled with straw – and a little pig! Just 5 prims.   And, perhaps hard to see on the wall, a big red heart with “I Love You” written inside.  It’s a glowing, flickering red – but easy to mod.  There’s also one, upstairs in the warehouse – that is MOD/Trans, in case you need to send one.   All are copy/mod (except dollhouse). Two of the above items will be free through Jan. 27, 2012.

Queen Anne Buffet

6 prims and all you can eat!  Marketplace details.

New at Glimmer Moon 1-13-12

*waves* Hi everyone!  I ended up with some free time this week and all this stuff showed up!  On the far left, a young eucalyptus tree, still in its potting bag. 3 prims.  Bottom shelf, 1 prim blue barrel…not attached, a cute little 1 prim bird perched on top.  The hanging pot of posies has been revamped, now wrought iron wall bracket – an the pot’s been shined up.  If you have the old one, let me know – free updates!  4 prims.  To the right of it is a 1 prim jade Celtic cross.  Last on bottom right shelf, partially hidden, a 1 prim topiary plant.  Top shelf, left…another barrel and my favorite this week, 3 prim “Wright Garden Lantern”…should be seen up close to be appreciated!  Bottom right – a 2 prim Moroccan Flea Market Table 🙂 with a beautiful top!  Sitting there is a 1 prim malachite horse sculpture.  Lastly, the jade velvet worn chair, 7 prims.  All are copy/mod – and 2 are free through Jan. 21, 2012.

New on the landing, Jan 8, 2012

It still looks a bit scarce on the porch…but I’ll be up to speed soon!  Another elegant dining chair with a wine colored upholstery – just 3 prims, and on the deck – a vintage round rug – that’s just like one my aunt had when I was a little girl!  On the bottom shelf, left – a worn leather desk blotter and a vintage postcard, 1 prim each.  A bowl of green and purple grapes  – tons of details creates 9 prims.   A 1 prim red cardinal and a little wooden lyre.  On the top shelf, left, an ink well and quill with just 2 prims.  My favorite item this week is the green glass desk lamp, 5 prims and a small vintage safe with 5 prims also.  TWO of these items are FREE through December 14, 2012.

Sea Captain’s Desk Set

All the details on SLMarket.  All items available in the shop – but a slight discount to buy the package.

New at Glimmer Moon December 30, 2011

Wow – the shelf looks empty!  Not so much new to offer this week, but thought I’d share what I have.   🙂  On the left, a crated Mediterranean orange tree – 3 prims.  A simple one prim blue bottle of water on the top shelf and below… a 3 prim old globe,  a dancing art deco lamp (non-op) with 5 prims and my fav… a bottle of Chianti with an old candle in the top! (3 prims).  Difficult to see in this photo…behind the shelves is a 1 prim wooden fence.  Beneath it all, a 1 prim sculpty rug.  All are copy/mod and one of them is free through Jan 7, 2012!

By mid January I should be back to my regular building routine.  I wish each of you the HAPPIEST OF NEW YEARS!  Thanks for all you’ve done to make Glimmer Moon such a fun project for me!

Dec 16, 2011 New at Glimmer Moon

What an eclectic mix this week – but I guess that’s becoming normal 🙂  On the bottom shelf, L to R, a bottle of chianti – then a bottle of scotch – and a nifty clear drinking glass.  One prim each.  An old wooden box with herbs – parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, even!  On the right – a dummy!  7 vintage prims!  Top shelf:  An axe to grind!  1 prim.  A very cool deco wall lamp with delicate leaves wrapped around the bulb – and a shabby/hippy/chic 1 prim watering can.  On the wall in the background – a 1 prim horse silhouette (try changing the color with edit!)…and lastly, an elegant dining chair.  All copy/mod – and 2 are free till December 24, 2011.

I’ve got a big project on the InWorldz grid just beginning(curious about InWorldz?? – I can help!), some landscaping here in SL – and with the busy holidays ahead, I may not have much new to offer till the new year…but I’m never far away!

December 11, 2011 New at Glimmer Moon

Brrr!  Definitely chilly here in California this month!  Great weather for playing with prims!  This week’s offerings include, L to R, bottom shelf… A new 1 prim row of books – 21 books!  The bowl of fruit is my favorite (details below).  Top shelf,  a simple sculpty horse shoe – just 1 prim.  A painted pail with a bird’s nest!  6 eggs, a little chic peeking out of one and the parent bird, keeps watch from the handle.  7 prims.   Last on the shelf…an Arabian coffee urn, 5 prims.  Lastly, a new set of prints…these German Bird Prints are 1 prim each.  Everything is copy/mod.  ..and 2 are free through December 17, 2011.

Gold Rimmed Bowl of Fruit

9 beautiful prims!  I especially love the glass bowl with the golden rim and just the right amount of reflection on the glass.  Grapes, lemon, lime, orange and a red and green apple.

Worn Bordello Screen

Just two prims!  On the SLMarketplace here!

Round Davenport – now with two sit animations

If you’ve been to the Warehouse, you’ve seen this before…but FINALLY I’ve added 2 sit animations.    5 prims and copy/mod (but you have to make copies from your Inventory rather than dragging – quirky anim script)

Wooden Side Table

Just one prim, copy/mod – a wooden side table.

New at Glimmer Moon – Dec 3, 2011

This was a week where I worried I’d not have any new, that changed!   Bottom shelf, left… an Umbrella and Cane Stand (details below), the canes individually, 2 prims each with rich wood and gold details.   Left over from my 2010 RL vacation to Carnival in Venice…a couple of masks from the grand balls!  They’re meant for decor, but probably easy enough to wear too!  A  fresh cheesecake – steaming from the oven – complete with a fork (3 prims) and a potted miniature apple tree (3 prims).  On the top shelf – a potted tomato plant (see below), a beautiful 1 prim stack of gold trimmed bowls, and a piece of art I once picked up at a Tucson art show.  Everything is copy/mod, of course – and 2 free items in the above picture, through Dec. 9, 2011.

Dark Shadows Buffet Table

Inspired by the old TV series, Dark Shadows..just 5 prims.  More details here.

The Umbrella and Cane Stand

9 prims/copy/mod.  2 unique canes and 2 umbrellas, stored in a vintage ceramic vase.   More details here.

The Red Cabinet with Books and Stuff!

Not new, but a new grouping of older items.  It’s now listed on SLMarket together – with a slight savings.  Here!

Nov. 27, 2011 – New at Glimmer Moon!

A wide (and weird!) variety of new items at Glimmer Moon this week!  It all began with The Ugly Lantern (on the right) – just 2 prims!  The Uptight Parlor Chair (left) was soon to follow.  11 uptight prims and one uptight seated animation!  On the bottom shelf, left, is an ancient 3 prim wooden effigy, a baseball bat and ball (GO Team Astoria!), a cute 2 prim ceramic cookie jar (sorry, cookies not included – yet), and a one prim sombrero – in brilliant azul!  Above that is The Old Trunk.  You can grab a plain trunk in the warehouse – or for a different experience – peek inside this one for memories…it includes a stack of jeans, a row of books, your first piggy bank and that old beat up guitar! Off to college anyone?  🙂 All items in the chest are available individually, but together they’re a bit cheaper.  Lastly, top shelf/left…a bottle of tasty shiraz and a glass to match (1 prim each) – after all this work, I needed it!  Everything is copy/mod.  And of course —

2 items are marked free through December 2, 2011.

Vase of Bird of Paradise

Simple and lush!  5 prims of great floral detail.   The flowers look so much better up close… copy/mod and also on SLMarketplace.

Mousy Purple Settee

This settee might be Too old!  It’s losing some stuffing from the worn fabric, lost a leg…yet still charming!  There’s a little white mousing peeking out and a stack of books replaced the leg.  There’s a reading animation included.  16 prims, copy/mod.

New at Glimmer Moon November 19, 201

It’s so great to be home and into my normal routine again!  Lots of new things this week!  On the far left, a new 1 prim tree…and then the Noir Cabinet, 7 prims.   Top shelf, L to R, a 1 prim goblet, 2 prim coffee urn, a 3 prim mouse and  the majestic 2 prim deco dancer lamp!  Beneath, another mouse, more of the whiskey bottles (all upright this time!), and an ornate art deco 5 prim candelabra with awesome flickering flames.  Perched on the lower right are some baroque frames – these have transparency features, causing some invisibility/alpha issues if you overlap them with each other or other alpha textures – but, if you place them strategically, they’re perfect!   The holiday offerings continue below…and of course, 2 items in the above photo are free through September 25, 2011.

Cabinet Noir

7 prims for this relatively small (end table size) Noir Cabinet.  Stretch it big or small!  On the SLMarketplace.  In the warehouse, you’ll also find a simpler, 1prim version, that has a more Asian flare!

Medieval Wreathed Candle

8 prims, copy and mod.  A gentle flame flickers on this medieval candle.   The lush wreath has little glowing stars nestled on top.

Junie Ginsburg !!

Soooo, I just had to share what Junie did with the Viking Helmet from last week!  Way to go!  She said it was easy to do!  Thanks for sharing, Junie!

Snowman Light Strand

8 little glowing snowmen hanging to brighten your space.  Copy/mod of course!  9 prim total.

The Reindeer, Dancer

There’s Rudolph, of course…but what about the oft forgotten reindeer, Dancer?!?!  13 prims give her finely detailed antlers and even a bell on her collar.  copy/mod.

Box of Christmas Ornaments

You can really experiment with these – copy, unlink them, mod them and have fun!   8 prims.  SLMarketplace too!

Mission Sofa

Just 2 prims and lots of style!  A rich leather cushion atop a rustic wood frame. Tint the pillow or change the texture, for a different style!   Includes comfortable sit animations for 2 avis.  A matching chair will surely follow soon!  A special thanks to the Instituto Espanol for inspiring me to finish this one!  Interested in Spanish lessons in a fun virtual environment?  Check them out here.

Plate of Ginger Bread Cookies

5 prims of sweet goodness!  3 styles of cookie decor (edit this for lots of variations) .  The ceramic tree to the left slowly rotates and a bowl of hand blown glass ornaments.

Cottage Christmas Fireplace

Lots of unique items for making your place festive.  Rearrange the items, copy more, remove some – endless holiday decor opportunities.  There’s enough to decorate your entire room!  Details about the individual items, and chance to buy them all at a 115L savings are on SLMarketplace here.

Slightly Weird Santa

Don’t you think so too?  🙂  A whopping 7 prims/copy/mod.

New on the porch, November 11, 2011

 Mostly holiday things this week (scroll down) – but some year-round items too!  On the left, a 3 prim stained glass screen and on the right, the 1 prim Malibu surf board!  A one prim round Victorian rug and the plein air oil painting tool.  On the top shelf (hard to see) a 1 prim broom and a 3 prim …Viking Hat!  Bottom shelf has the unique 4 prim Viking Hat Lamp (haven’t you always wanted one?), a 1 prim floppy hat, and the 3 prim hanging pot of posies!  2 of them are free through November 18.  I’m so happy to be home from all my recent travels…and I think there’s a Vegas souveneir for each of you, but the airline lost my luggage and I’m still waiting for it!  🙂


Glimmer Moon and Stars

Just 2 prims each – I bring you the moon and stars!  A very cool flickering for the lights.  For holiday season..or all year!

Holiday Fireplace

New photo, but not a new item.  Check out the versatile features here.   All the above items are available individually in the  red barn.  Earlier this year, I featured an ornament covered green wreath…?   scroll down about 25 photos to see it.  🙂

Hand Crafted Wreath

Dried vines have been twisted and woven with a red velvet ribbon…add a few vintage glass ornaments and it’s a rustic wreath.  5 prims, copy and mod (endless possibilities!)

Poinsettia Wreath

Lots of detail with this poinsettia – 6 prims, copy/mod.  SLMarketplace

Detailed Christmas Tree

Not for the prim-faint-of-heart!  25 festive prims that you can copy/mod!  Light strands and ornaments are really detailed!  Even a star on top.  No alphas – all sculpted prims!

Holiday Decor

Lots of little items to add holiday pizzazz to your space.  Lots are 1-2 prims, all are copy and mod.

Western Snowman – Eeeeyahaw!

Holiday on the range? Let the western snowman ring in the season – copy/mod 8 prims.  SLMarketplace

Tipsy Santa!

He’s been hitting the whiskey!  The bottle on his nose is even spinning!  25 prims, copy/mod – probably best suited for the winter holiday season!  🙂

November 1, 2011 – New at Glimmer Moon

Bon jour, everyone!  I’m home for a week between trips and put together some new stuff!    On the bottom shelf, L to R,  a bushel of apples or autumn leaves, anyone?  3 prims each and an extra apple inside the apple bushel!  A one-of-a-kind-1-prim coffee urn and…a 1 prim wooden hangar! Top shelf, a 2 prim ancient green glass pitcher, a weird 1 prim potted plant, a mess of whiskey bottles (just 1 prim for all 4), and yet another 1 prim stack of books.  Beneath it all, a new 1 prim sculpty rug, to the left, a barrel with 2 one prim plants on top, on the right a 1 prim keg.  Sorry you can’t see the full 1 horned antelope on the far left.  Yes, that interesting thing is 10 mod/copy prims, and its tail twitches!  In the background, 4 vintage riding themed prints.

As usual, they are ALL copy/mod and 2 are free through November 11, 20011 – which is also around the time I’ll be home – for good!

Bon Voyage in the Red Barn

In between doing RL laundry and sitting on my suitcase, I couldn’t resist making a few more items… they’re in the red barn.  Lots of low prim stuff.  2 prim lamp, vases, a bowling pin, a gas can, 3 stacks of books in just 1 prim and the very cool 2 prim screen in the background – it’s got endless tinting options…!   If all goes well, I’ll bring you the Eiffel Tour next weekend!

Burnished Gold Rug

Just a single sculpty prim!  Stretch to any size you need.  (fyi – there are many shops in my shop that are just 10L – yet the newer ones are 50L….those old ones are REALLY old…2007!  and the new ones have fresher textures and many have sculpty prim rather than traditional flat.)

New Offerings October 17, 2011

New this week… Top/Left.. a funky piece of wall art (2 prim) I called Sausilito Keepsake (as it reminded me of something my Mom bought there back in the 70’s!) – 3 prim lamp – 1 prim cookbook row, vase of calla lillys (see below).  On the bottom shelf, more 1 prim books, 1 prim red squirrel, an odd vase and another little lamp.  All copy/mod.  3 of them are FREE until I return from vacation! 

Speaking of vacation, I will be RL traveling through mid-November.  Paris or Las Vegas, anyone?  🙂  First vacation, then a work trip…I anticipate being around a lot, but not building anything new till I’m home and on my regular PC again.  However, I do have 2 free days before I fly out….I’m hoping to get a few more items in.  Just in case, I worked extra hard this past week and have lots more new things now!   …scroll down!

Bird’s Nest with Eggs

 6 sweet prims! Of course, copy/mod.   SLMarketplace

Vase of Calla Lilly

8 precious prims!  Finely detailed calla lillys!  Mod/copy them for different shades or sizes.  On the SLMarketplace too!

As a side note, I’d like to mention our group member Angel Kingmaker.  She makes antiques too – here and on the InWorldz grid – and she’s got a cool new blog you should take a look at.  Unlike me 🙂 she’s getting around the grid and writing about what she’s seeing!  Way to go, Angel!

Victorian Library Cart

Whew – this piece was a surprising challenge that did not turn out as I expected!  Instead of a shabby garden cart…It’s a richly detailed Victorian Library Cart.  The cart itself is 12 prims…finely carved wood and those wheels are to die for!  Just as promising are the books!  Most of those book stacks are just 1 prim…yes, 2 or 4 piles of aged books, just 1 prim each!

Green Velvet Settee

I’m loving this!  17 prims comprise this green velvet settee.  Rich upholstery, fine wood craftsmanship, cushy pillows, beaded trim around the base and even a book with reading animation.

Wooden Screens

2 new screens – 4 prims ea/copy/mod.  On the left, a faded shabby wood – and on the right, richly detailed carved wood.  As they are mod, you can reconfigure in so many ways!

New, October 7, 2011

I’ve arranged the photos for new items a bit differently this week – but, wanted to still gather the new things on the porch and set two of them for FREE till Oct. 14, 2011.  The green lamp is just 2 prims..and old Tiffany shade was added to a basic wooden base and their are two little chicks – 2 prims each.  All the other items have more details below!

Stick Horsey 🙂

Awww, why the long face horsey?  🙂 His sweet face has little white polka dots (it’s an old sweater of mine!) and he’s even got sculpty hair!  15 copy/mod prims.

The Sun Room Wash Basin

It was fun to put this together…some old and new shapes and textures.  The washbasin is well worn, but the detailed ivy in the pot below is rich and green and those peaches are ready to eat!  Copy/Mod 12 prims.  (Items available individually upon request)

New Home DecorI couldn’t really put the fireplace on the warehouse porch… 🙂  Just 2 amazing prims (even with the fire!).   New knick-knacks include a new vase with a highly detailed hibiscus flower (5 prims), a new version of the ship-in-a-bottle (if you have the old one, let me know, you can have this free),  and a very cool old samovar!  It ties with the Petite Pink Chandelier as my favorite this week!  And…one more new 1 prim fan!

The Plymouth Dresser

It came over on the Mayflower!  The Plymouth Dresser is 6 copy/mod prims!

New at Glimmer Moon – October 1, 2011

What a crazy week – a small glitch led to the return of 1/2 my prims!  Eeek…but, it was nothing I couldn’t fix in 5-6 hours!  🙂  Sooooo, this week, a mixed assortment, as usual!  On the bottom shelf, L to R – A 2 prim candelabra, 2 prim old world candle (details below), and a 3 prim Vesuvian pot!  Top shelf features a 3 prim coffee urn (from Marrakesh!), a 1 prim bottle of WHISKEY!! and a little troll that holds a lantern!  Behind them …1 prim fans – a new sculpt style on the blue one.  Standing in front of it all…the Astorian 3 prim Duck.  All copy/mod! As usual, 2 FREE ITEMS from the above photo, through Oct. 7, 2011.

Candles – Lots of them

Old candles – just 2 prims each!  copy/mod.  Of course you don’t need to rez this many…or do you?  🙂  Change the tint to match your mood and decor.

New at the Warehouse Landing 24th September 2011

I was in a very foul …errr fowl mood this week!  Water fowl, that is!  This week I have the following new items to offer – starting on the left/lower shelf.  A stuffed  & mounted pheasant – 3 prims, a dark green closed umbrella – 2 prims, and a long legged 4 prim crane that is suitable for any shoreline!   On the top shelf, L to R, a high primmed (36!), pain in the butt to make, red rose in a coffee pot!   A sweet little  2 prim blue ceramic cache and then a duck decoy!  The duck is also available in swimming mode – see him floating behind the big houseboat!  Hiding behind the crane is a 1 prim Victorian fan.  Near the shelf, on the lower right…a 5 prim piano stool table…and a little green lantern.  Above them all, the chili pepper light strand (details below).  All are copy/mod.

Of course, 2 of them are FREE through September 30, 2011.

Speaking of FREE, grab a free tequila sunrise!  Normally 50L, just 3 prims – it’s a refreshing addition to any pool or beach side!

Chili Pepper Light Strand

Get ’em while they’re red hot – the Chili Pepper Light Strand!  Lots of details in each pepper – each giving a soft color glow.  Not for the prim-feint-of heart with 14!  Copy/mod.  On SLMarketplace:

On the landing, September 17, 2011

I’m not so diverse this week, it seems… lovely items for your home decorating needs.  Bottom shelf, Left to Right:  2 prim vase of golden flowers, a highly bucket of highly detailed hibiscus flowers (12 prims), and a 2 prim Etruscan urn.  Harder to see…the top shelf, L to R:  a richly detailed golden lion book end (11 prims), a 2 prim wall lantern and 1 prim Baroque fan.  On the wall, 4 linked floral prints.  As usual, all are copy/mod.  🙂  2 ITEMS IN THE ABOVE PHOTO ARE FREE THROUGH SEPTEMBER 17, 2011.

Dead Drunk

Too much time at the still, perhaps!  The one at the warehouse is almost like this one – but has a black hat too!  You’ll find the Dead Drunk on top of the landing spot awning.

Easily my favorite item this week – the Autumn Fainting Sofa has 2 animations and a rich texturing for fabrics and pillows.  Not easily seen in this photo, there is also fine beaded detail hanging around the sofa base.  This sofa would be suitable in a Victorian, goth, grunge, or any vintage themed spot.  12 prims, copy/mod.

New, September 9, 2011

Wow – so much stuff this week!  Starting on the left, a beautiful 2 prim art deco cabinet.  On the top shelf, L to R, 1 prim green apple, 2 prim blue glass lantern, and a 1 prim guitar!!!  On the bottom shelf, an amazing 1 prim house of cards, 1 prim Spanish fan (stretch to any size!), and a 2 prim copper light.  Center and front is my favorite…a box of tools!  Saws, hammers, scissors – mostly 1 prim, all copy & mod.  So many ways you can reconfigure them!  They’re available individually in the new red barn (you have seen the new red barn, haven’t you?).    To it’s right, an elegant 1 prim wrought iron decoration, and lastly – a hanging lantern.  Ohhh and the amazing ugly trophy fish!  (see below)  2 ITEMS IN THE PHOTO ABOVE ARE FREE TILL SEPTEMBER 16, 2011.

It was THIS big! Trophy Fish!

Half of me is really proud and the other half is really embarrassed, LOL…I have a love/hate relationship with this Trophy Fish.  He’s cute!  He’s also big!  8 prims – copy, but no mod (sorry)  On SLMarketplace too!

Carousel Horse

23 prims of horsey details!  I have no idea why anyone will need this, but I love it!

Tool BoxEndless possibilities with all these tools!  Be a builder!!!…or at least look like one!  Great 3-d details.  Most are 1 prim, all copy/mod.

Big Green TreeIt’s really big and has lots of details, but, just 9 prims.  Easy enough to Edit away the shadow prims and drop to 6 prims.


September 2 New Offerings!

 There’s no logic again this week with a wide variety of new items.   On the left, a 2 prim bench with little heart details – sits 2 avis.  On the bottom shelf, L to R, 1 prim banana, 3 prim piglet, 4 prim Victorian oil lamp and a golden Baroque urn.  On the top…the Amber Waterfall Chandelier, and 2 different 1 prim suns.   Standing upright in front – a 1 prim pitch fork.


Azul Glass Wall Lanterns

Rich blue glass bulbs hang from ornate wrought iron wall support…just 7 prims.  There part Victorian, part Steampunk – and even a bit of fantasy or fae!   There’s also a single bulb version inside the warehouse.   Copy/mod.

New – August 27, 2011

I like the overview snapshots to show all the new stuff easily, but they sure don’t reflect the details that are in the objects… *sigh*  🙂  Just the same, this week – lots of new things to offer.  On the left, an easel with a flower box.  A couple wild mushrooms, a little birdhouse and the terracotta floral panel complete this 8 prim garden piece.  A bit of clever edit & copy will provide you a ton of variations and value!  On the bottom shelf, L to R, another Moroccan lantern, a rustic pot and a basic wood shelf.  All just 1 prim each!  On the top shelf – a rake and hoe (details below) to add a realistic touch to your garden!  Lastly, a series of vintage German ichthyology prints.  (that means they’re about fish!) 🙂             2 items in the above photo will be free through September 2, 2011.

Rake and Hoe Closeup

Lots of detail without a lot of prims.  2 prims each, copy/mod.

Also, through August 26, 2011 – somewhere on the houseboat, a 2 prim Virgin Mary statue is set FREE!  Normally, 50L.

Festive 1 Prim Light Strands

These are an easy way to add festive ambiance!  Just one prim each, you can stretch them to suit your needs, Edit the lighting, copy oodles of them!  There are other new ones not shown…all are located upstairs in the warehouse!

New at the Landing, August 20, 2011

The usual mix-n-match of offerings this week.  On the left, my fav, an old dresser (details below) and a one prim round Japanese screen.  Zoom in on the photo to see the cute little mushrooms w/butterfly floating around them.  Also, a birds nest (details below), a one prim earthen pot, and an orange Moroccan lamp.  THROUGH AUGUST 26, 2011 2 OF THE ABOVE ITEMS WILL BE FREE –  AS WELL AS THE TEAK AND EBONY BUFFET ON THE TOP DECK OF THE HOUSEBOAT (NORMALLY 50L).

Victorian Red Lightpost

Add old world ambiance along your walkways or water front.  Just 3 prims, copy/mod.

Sweet Birds Nest with Eggs

A sweet tiny thing!  Just six prims and a bunch of cuteness.  mod/copy

Chipped Olive Dresser

It’s pretty thrashed, but that’s what I like best about this old dresser.   Just 4 prims, but lots of details.  Copy/Mod

Aug. 14, 2011 – This week’s offerings!

Hello!  This week’s new offerings are a hodge-podge of things, as usual!  On the left, a one prim stack of logs.  My favorite is the faucet and bucket – 4 prims.  A holiday wreath (details below) and bowl of ornaments – and lastly, a 3 prim treasure chest filled with gold!  Always copy and mod!  FREE THIS WEEK, A WHITE STOOL ON THE GYPSY WAGON (NORMALLY 75l) AND TWO ITEMS FROM THE ABOVE PHOTO.

Holiday Wreath with Golden Cherub

14 prims that you can mod  and copy into any holiday formation! Painted glass ornament, bells, a wooden horse and the golden cherub!  On the Marketplace too.

Holiday Fireplace

Yes, I know it’s August – but it’s never too early to think of the upcoming winter season!  Flickering flames warm the garland swag adorned with stuffed stockings, bells, stars and glass ornaments.  A little nutcracker stands guard and it’s all topped with red candles surrounded by a green wreath.  It’s all linked now…but easy to mod and reassemble for your own style.  (Contact me for individual purchase)

New – August 7, 2011

 The odd combinations of new items never ceases to amuse me!  This week, 1 prim cowboy hats, black velvet or straw – swans, adult and young (5 & 3 prims), 3 prim wooden bellows and a stack of plates (1 prim) and a 3 prim old Victorian street lamp.  The swans are available here individually, but down on the water, I’ve also got a family – slowly swimming together!  (The swimming swans are free this week, normally 125L – and so are two items on the landing!)

The Weston Cowboy Hat Rack

This was easily my favorite piece this week!  🙂  A special thanks to Shay Weston who ordered something ended up with this instead.  The rustic hat rack has 2 cowboy hats, a spool of rope and a coffee pot.  4 prims for the hats, rope and rack…3 prims for the coffee pot.  All copy/mod.

At the Landing, July 30, 2011

Inspiration comes from all places!  Lots of low prim items this week.  On the bottom shelf, 1 prim Moroccan style lanterns.  Really, just 1 prim each!  To the left, a hanging Moroccan lantern, and above right, another.  Both just 2 prims each.  Top shelf features a white chicken – and out of the blue, a darling 4 prim umbrella (decor only).  All copy/mod.  2 of them will be free through August 6, 2011. 

Sleek Olive Sofa

Remember the sleek 2 prim chairs?  Well, a special thanks to group member Blithe Lorefield, who asked if there would ever be a matching sofa!  Thanks to Blithe, this 2 prim, 2 sit animation sofa is now available too!  (copy and mod – so easy to tint to a new shade, match your space!)  The hanging tapestry in the background will be free through August 6, 2011 – normally 75L.

Hanging Golden Deco Lamp

Just 2 prims and tons of art deco ambiance!  Also available on the SLMarketplace.

On the landing, July 24, 2011

Lights!  Lots of lights!  The Mission Hills lamp (lower right) has lots of details with 11 prims.  It’s mate – standing on the left, is similar, but on an ornate hanging stand and with different type of glass.  Need lower prim lighting?  The 2 pastel table lamps are just 1 prim each.  Bottom center is a holiday wreath surrounding 3 flickering red candles.  …Perhaps my fav, the little ceramic Christmas tree, that slowly spins, on its bed of snow (did anyone else see these as a kid?)   Just two prims!  And…just for the heck of it – a 2 prim pineapple!  All copy and mod!   And..2 of these items are free through July 30, 2011.

Luminous Stars Light Strand

I couldn’t resist stringing up these colorful stars!  9 prims/copy/mod.  Across your patio or deck for a glowing ambiance!  You should see them in the dark!  (currently, they are on display down on the houseboat or marketplace)

Mission Hills Hanging Lamp

Lots of ornate details and lots of ambiance.  12 prims/copy/mod.  (on the marketplace)

New at the landing, July 16, 2011

Another eclectic collection this week!  An elegant baroque urn (3 prims), a stunning white cockatoo (12 prims) and a painted golden vase (just 1 prim) on the top shelf.  A short row of very antique books (details below), a highly detailed carved wood vase, and… lol, a stack of folded jeans and pressed shirts.  Each just one prim/copy/mod.  (Two of these items are free through July 24, 2011) 

4 Old Books

Vintage books! These are mod/copy – so you can rearrange, add or remove to suit your space! Each book appears to be at least 100 years old!  There are lower prim book designs made with sculpts – I sell them at my shop too – but this individual traditional prim arrangement allows for higher detail and versatility.  Also available on SLMarketplace.

The Nutcracker

Somehow, the holidays have started sneaking into my prim workshop!  I’m not a RL fan of holiday decor…so it’s a big surprise to me that I now have dozens of winter baubles!  Here’s a nutcracker!  Easy to mod him large to small…a statue or an ornament!  Just 3 prims/copy.  (for a few more days, ALL my brand new holiday items are on the roof of the warehouse, available to purchase.  Many 1 prim items.)   AND – THAT MIRROR IS FREE UNTIL JULY 23, 2011

This week, on the landing…

I can’t help but think the winter holidays are looming…Golden cherub, toy trains… 🙂    Lots of details in this week’s items.  The circa 1950’s suitcase/hat case is tintable to match your home.  I chose Samsonite Blue for this one!  I like the cherub hanging on the wall… also mod-able, and not just for the holidays!  The little red choo-choo has 18 prims..but you could drop one of the cars and save a few.  Re-tintable too!  One of these items is free through July 16, 2011.

The Astorian Lamp – just 2 prims.

It’s light fixture is just 2 prims and copy/mod….several are scattered around the sim, but THIS ONE is free through July 16, 2011.  A great way to line a walkway, add ambient lighting to your gardens, etc.  Copy/Mod – normally 75L.  (hint – it’s near the water)

Pink Flower with Circling Butterfly

I know this potted flower was released last week – HOWEVER- it’s been updated already!  An amazing little one prim butterfly is floating around the plant now!  (the butterfly is also available on its own…copy/mod – there are dozens around the sim now.  Use your Ctr + T to make it easier to “catch”)

New on the landing this week, July 1, 2011.

New on the landing this week, July 1, 2011.

New bright ideas!  The two lamps and the Japanese lantern are just one prim each!  A bottle of milk, a pair of flip-flop zoris (for decor only), and a couple of potted plants (just 3 prims each).  All mod/copy!  (and, one or two are free through July 10, 2011)

Closeup for the zoris, flo-jo’s, flip-flops, thongs, beach shoes.


White Washed Desk

This little desk is just TWO prims!!  Easy to Edit the color.  Cool and refreshing – a tequila sunrise!  Just 3 prims for the little ship in a bottle!   I added a buoyant script to one of the bottles and rezzed it down at the water – it’s great too! 2 items in the above photo are FREE through July 5, 2011.

“Modern” Lamps

A dash of the 1950’s with these mod (and modifiable!) lamps! Each is just 3 prims.  Persimon, marigold and aqua colors…or create your own shade.

Pigeon Hole Cabinet

Don’t you just love a good 1 prim item? The Pigeon Hole Cabinet would be great in an office, kitchen..even the greenhouse.  A rich glossy red wood gives it an elegant antique look but you can change the texture or tint to match your space.  Buy now.

FREEBIE ALERT!  Somewhere near the water’s edge is a green Victorian Table Lamp – free through July 5.

Plum, taupe or jade chairs – each just 2 prims and 2 sit animations.  Play with the tints for a perfect match at your place.  Rezz more than one!  These appear No Mod in your Inventory  – but that’s only the sit animation.

Some of the new things June 13

Not the most flattering of photos…but, top shelf, Left to Right…a really lovely little butterfly (4prim) , a cool black cat (3 prim),  the ornate and beautiful “Marie’s Baroque Vase” (5prim)…bottom shelf, decorative sun hats (2prim) and a weird wooden rocking horse (1prim).  All copy/mod and ONE IS FREE THROUGH JUNE 19, 2011.

Sunhat on a Hat Rack – just 3 prims!

Get your patio ready for summer with this low prim fun piece.  Mod it..make more hats – you can even try to wear it (though I didn’t make it for that).  Just 3 prims.  Marketplace version.

1 prim Ruby Chair

I think this chair is my favorite item this week.  Just 1 prim/copy/mod – and so many color choices!  I’ve added a uni-sex animation – and the color choices are endless…take off the Shine for a more rustic look or Color shade to match your place.  Versatile, low prim AND beautiful!  (and…maybe not obvious to find in my shop – they are hanging on the walls near the stage)

A Valentine Jumping Jack…?

Don’t ask.  Don’t tell.  Just 1 prim that slowly spins.  Perhaps a party favor?  Or for your circus?  He’s one dimensional – but does have a rear view… He’s currently approximately my avi height, but if smaller he would be good on a Christmas tree…or as a car deodorizer on your rear view mirror…

1 prim Deco Tables

Sculpts are so cool!  Each of the highly detailed Art Deco themed tables is just 1 prim (copy/mod too).  Tip:  Experiment with Texture Colors…change the shades, try Shine off/on.  Rugs and wall art are 1 prim too (and copy/mod) – each just 50L…’cept the Catfish poster, which is only 10L!  See the gift basket?  It’s FREE through June 19, 2011 – no copy no mod -BUT IT’S TRANS!  Grab a few and give them to friends!  They’re 12 prim each and contain books, champagne, a peach, a pear and grapes.

At the landing this week…

A frog, squirrel, chipmunk, chicken, gilded birdcage and hibiscus flower!  Just a corner of a neat rusty wheel barrel!  More details about most of them below – but, all mod/copy and TWO ARE FREE THROUGH JUNE 11

A Golden Birdcage, Bluebird and Hibiscus

Elegant and delicate, the golden birdcage has a random yellow hibiscus resting through it…and the sweet bluebird is perched on the edge.  10 prims that have endless mod/copy configurations.

Wheel Barrel Full of Lavender

..and a little bird too!  Add some shabby chic to your garden with this old rusted wheel barrel that’s sprouted some lavender!  11 prims – copy/mod, so you can reassemble to your own needs.  Marketplace buy here!

Frog and Lily Pads

A cute 1 prim frog and slowly spinning lily pads come together! This photo shows two sets of lily pads (4 pads each) – each pad slowly rotates individually.  One of the sets has the frog…one without (the sets just happen to be touching each other in this shot).  Perfect in a pond or on a lake!  All mod & copy- change the speed, make them static, larger, smaller – rezz more frogs!

One Prim Light

Amazing that it’s only 1 prim – but so much style.  This photo really doesn’t do justice to this hanging light.  Tint it, adjust the light and/or glow – lots of ways to change the ambiance.  Rez more than one!

FREEBIE THIS WEEK!!  There are 2 scarecrow rezzed outside the shop…somewhere.  One of them is set to FREE through June 11!!  Feel free to tell your freebie fan friends!

Old Carousel Dragon

It’s a good thing our avis don’t require RL practical furnishing and appliances…cuz I’d be outta luck!  Any chance you NEED a slightly tarnished dragon from an old carousel?  🙂  He’s copy/mod – 28 prims.

Spring Chicken!!

This Red Chicken is just 3 prims.  Copy/Mod…I’ve rezzed a hen coop full of them, adjusted their sizes – slight tint changes.. fab!  Oooh, just made a smaller one, turned low Shininess on, and it is perfect for the kitchen or dining room (I have similar statues in RL -were my grandmas!).  The Red Chicken is listed for 50Ls…but, he’s free to group members and their friends….just IM me for delivery!

Chicken' Out the View

Chicken Out the View 🙂

Another shot of the Red Chicken…and, fyi – he’s not actually in SL for these photos – but rather on the InWorldz Grid.  Curious about other grids? I’ll be happy to try to answer your questions!

On the porch this week…

As much as I think I’m in control of what I make here…I totally have no control at all!  A hodgepodge of pointless items this week… A new set of books, just 1 prim!  The birdcage, in green and without the stand… the Crayola Trike!  I’m not sure how he got there, but a lizard has arrived! A 1 prim conch shell – and even a Ouija Board!  On the left (you may need to enlarge photo) – a new bird feeder..complete with bird and seed!   (Two of these items are FREE – through June 4, 2011)

Newest Sculpty Rug

and…a sofa that I’m hating!  It’s seats 3 people and 21 unpleasant copIABLE prims!  🙂  Actually, it’s ok – just not my personal style.  This would be great in a gothic setting..a castle, perhaps!  AND IT’S FREE NOW THROUGH JUNE 4, 2011.

The Birdcage

Just 7 prims of incredible details!  The tiny bird, perched on his branch, in the old Victorian cage…You can grab it here.

Birdcage Closeup!

Isn’t he cute? A reminder that these are copy/mod – you can reconfigure, change the colors… experiment!   In fact, I think I’ll move my own bird OUT of his cage!

Old Egyptian Ouiji Board

I had a Ouiji Board once, but it wasn’t this old and interesting!  An Egyptian motif, with all the features you remember!  This is non operational..but just 2 prims.  A great way to add a gypsy feel to your spot!  Buy now!

Shiny Red Trike!

Tricycle!  Tricycle!  I want to ride my TRICYCLE!  Hmmm, maybe it’s not the way Queen intended!  Yet another totally useless item to have around…but isn’t it cool?  A shiny red trike!  18 prims – that provide the incredible details.  I’ve got another version – a Crayola mixture of colors!

Tapestry – Tree of Life

Just one sculpty prim give this tapestry a realistic depth.  50L, copy/mod.


This week, through May 27, 2011 – A 1 prim, copy/mod Lavender Plant.  (normally 65Ls)  The free ones are located near the wishing well….you’ll have to find the wishing well on your own!  I wish you well!

May 21 Updates at the Landing!

So much detail this week – really, you must see the details up close!  I’m feeling a bit bird brained lately…expanding the 1 prim bird house collection with new colors.  There are 3 new beautiful birds – 3 prims each, copy/mod.  Totally out of the blue, a rich looking 1 prim baroque vase entered the scene!  A long stemmed hibiscus flower – just 4 prims, but incredibly detailed!  Summer heat is you  might need a 4 prim vintage style fan!  and…well.. a straw hat, covered in ivy and the finch perched atop!  You’ll find 2 of them set as free through May 27, 2011.  

More realism with a Sculpty 1prim Rug

Rugs are an easy enough thing to create virtually – but I was rather wowed with the effect of a sculpt  instead of regular prim.  A subtle difference, adding a bit more realism.  Just 1 prim.  These will be 50L, copy/mod.   (did you know all my old rugs are just 10L?  Scattered around the sim and in the vendors upstairs)

A Decorative Garden Sunhat

Ivy covered straw hat with a perfect little bird perched on top. Totally cute and totally pointless – this will look great on your table or even tossed across your bed.  10 prims/copy/mod.  It was NOT meant to be worn – though I suppose you can try.  Grab it from Marketplace here.

The Tibetan Trunk

Tibet!  A land of wonder and mystery..and great textures!  This Tibetan Trunk is 10 prims and MOD.  Colorful and fun…you could also Edit and remove the legs…leaving a 2 prim version (or write me for one).

The Red Cabinet

The Red Cabinet is a favorite of mine this week!    Just 5 prims, easy to mod/tint the paint color – even the glass!  (the doors are not scripted to open/close, but you can Edit them)

Elegant Round Wood Table

Simple and sturdy – this 3 prim elegant table will add a vintage feel to your place and showcase your favorite objects.  Give it a tint or change the wood texture to get a perfect match with your other items!

A Baroque Cache

I’ve recently rented shop space at the beautiful Place du Coeur – a Baroque themed shopping sim…so beautiful.  I’m flattered to be neighbored with the likes of Nonna Hedges (whose elegant fashions I’ve admired since my earliest days in SL).  I’ve got lots of baroque mirrors, but in honor of the new shop – I created this baroque cache.. an elegant marble box (sorry, it doesn’t open), highly detailed – 6 prims.


This week – you’ll find the “Mauve Ceramic Basket” set as Free!  Today through May 20, 2011.  It’s in the warehouse…somewhere! 

The Bluebird Birdhouse

This could be the cutest 3 prims I’ve ever made!  2 bluebirds and their house.   It’s copy/mod, so you can add birds, take one away, let them fly the coup! Grab it on the Marketplace now!

Slim Buddha – but Prim Heavy!

I took lighting liberties with this shot, but you get the idea!  Buddha himself is just 9 prims, and about average avi height…but with the crawling ivy vines, the total is 31.  He’s perfect for a lush garden, or… I took just the statue and made a much smaller version and he looks great on a table.  He’s actually a white marble color – but you can tint for added effect – a bit of ambient lighting can go far to make him really pop!

Collection of the Week

Little Buddha, bluebirds, pinecones in a basket, birdhouse, a bowl of green and purple grapes, tin watering can, the baroque cache, and a simple one prim book are on the Warehouse porch…You’ll find 2 of them set as free through May 20, 2011.

Scarecrow !!

Last, but not least …11 prims of stuffed scarecrow.  Not sure what else to say about him!  🙂

Inworldz vs SecondLife

Time!  There just isn’t enough of it!  I’m fortunate to have ample time for virtual living – but there’s still not enough when you’re trying to have two of them (and a full time RL job too).

In spite of my (sigh) corrupt SL account situation, I’m juggling viewers and have spent quite a bit of time giving SL Astoria a much needed face-lift!

Sneaking a Peek

I’d been so exclusive with InWorldz since November, it seemed weird to really sit down, dust off my inventory (a HUGE chore still in progress), slip into some REALLY great SL hair and shoes 🙂 and see what I could do here.  Weird to look at the drab unchangeable terrain textures and weird to think of facing the social scene of SL.  My months in IWz have been filled with incredibly happy avis that love to go on and on about how much better IWz is than SL.

Since all my time was being spent IWz, seems I must agree with them all!  There is something special there.  More relaxed.  Calmer.  Stress free.  Nicer pace.  Friendlier avis.  Fresh Start. These are all things I’ve heard repeatedly IWz, when it’s compared to SL.

My plans for SL Astoria’s face-lift are coming in to place in my mind nicely.  After years of showing off my coveted antique collection….I’ve decided to showcase my own creations.  My IWz time has lured me to a different vintage feel..similar, but a bit more old world.  You’ve seen the bronze lanterns and rustic details in my photos from there…  I’ve begun recreating many of the IWz things in SL.

It seemed it would be easy enough – as there’s a very cool Import/Export feature for your own creations.  I’ll just “tp” them trans-grid!  That works..but not really so great.  (contact me in either world for more details about the process) And many of my builds feature some awesome textures and sculpt maps that I’ve purchased.  This means getting permission for using in both worlds…or buying it in both worlds (mostly i opt for buying).  …before we all nod off with the dull details of the Import/Export business… let’s just conclude that I find it easier to start them from scratch.

This takes much more time than anticipated!  🙂

What a great surprise to find some awesome build supplies in my SL Inventory.  Textures, maps, animations… things I’ve never used even!  I’ve barely scratched the surface of my Inventory…there’s some fun tools in there…just waiting to make something new!

Building in SL is just as fun as building IWz!  And the people?

Why do all the IWz fans say what they do?  Or are the people actually different IWz?  IWz certainly attracts a certain user – typically one who likes to create, appreciates the affordable and generous prim allotment – somebody who needs space – and doesn’t need a lot of external amusement (hundreds of clubs and events, and thousands of people, at any hour of the day).

But honestly, I think people are the same anywhere!  Just like RL.  Perhaps IWz feels better because we’ve removed ourself (escaped?) from our old SL friends, who’ve grown boring, needy, drama riddled, pains in our asses…?  (No, I’m not talking about anyone I know…just sayin’…)

Me and Feather Boa's amazing interactive artwork - near the Astoria landing point.

I’m not saying bad things about anyone in SL…just that, I’m responsible for my SL – and if IWz feels so much better, then I must have let my SL grow to a less pleasant place.

But I’m finding IWz isn’t better – it’s just another layer!  🙂  My SL has certainly changed over the years.  My IWz will surely change too!  There’s room for me to have both virtual lives in my RL… just not enough damn time!

My task list in both worlds is very long.  I plan to finish a few SL projects and then try to divide my time more equally – checking in to both worlds regularly, starting new build projects in both worlds at the same time should be easier than backtracking as I have been.

Aside from being cheaper with plentiful prims, which grid do you prefer?  Why?  Lastly, why are there SL fans that won’t even look at other grids?

(added after posting)  I see many are web searching the topic “inworldz vs SL”.  I’ll add a stat I’ve observed.  When I joined IWz in Oct. 2010, there were 650 privately owned sims/regions.  Now, in April 2011 – 850.  Average attendance at sign-in was always below 150 – now it’s always over 150 -pushing 200 most of the time.  My furniture sales in both worlds seem quite comparable.    SL continues to have 50k (or more!) at any given time.  As much as I love my IWz, those numbers must be considered, in my opinion.  In defense of IWz, I’ll add a reminder that it’s still in beta!  The IWz founders are steadily working on scripting upgrades and ways that make this grid more steady.  I have great faith that it will soon be as stable (if not more so) than SL.  But will it ever reach those SL numbers…?  that would be a surprise!  Does it need to?  Not in my book!)

A Glimmer of a Second Life

A Grid Business for You??

I’m sure everyone has had a glimmer (no pun intended) of a dream that includes making money in Second Life, InWorldz, etc.  Perhaps earn just enough money to cover your shoe purchases…or enough to quit your RL job and spend all day goofing around online!

Both are nice goals, though I strongly recommend you not quit your day job yet!

I’m no virtual tycoon, but I do have quite a bit of successful RL experience with advertising, marketing and PR…and during the past year, have also seen my virtual sales blossom.

I think we should all have fun experimenting, trying-failing-trying again, deciding to move in another direction, etc with whatever amuses us here.  But if you really intend to sell some things – and to more than your dear friends who just want show you support…here are some things to keep in mind.

  1. Of all the people who hope to make $$ here, what percentage actually will sell more than a few of their items?  What percentage will make enough to recoup their investment in supplies (textures, uploads, scripts, etc)?  What portion will earn enough to cover their shop rent or tier…their tier AND their shoe habit?  And then who will actually cash in virtual money for RL cash?  So….how will you and your items be different?
  2. I’ve no statistic to share, but I’m convinced that the more you hope/expect to make $$, the less you’ll earn.  A good product is created by somebody who wants to CREATE, not sell.  If you’re just creating for the earning potential, you may not end up with a unique item.
  3. Don’t let #1 and #2 deter you!  You won’t know what you can do till you try!
  4. It wasn’t always this way in SL/IWz, but you have to have something unique …or at least fresh.  A little black dress or a pair of perfect black shoes is definitely something people buy, but there are already 8 gazillion of them for sale.  The competition alone, will diminish your sales capacity.  Give the little black dress or shoes some special little details that make them stand out from the rest!
  5. Who’s your market?  Is your item for a specialty niche?  In your efforts to create unique items, be careful to not get so obscure that your audience contains only a handful of people.  Knowing who your buyers might be is also handy when it comes time to advertise.
  6. Photos for your Advertisements!  Virtual photography is an art of its own, and most of us aren’t Photoshop or Gimp masters – but clear images for your ads makes a HUGE difference.  Even a novice photographer can make sure the photographs really focus on the item your selling.  50% or more of the photo space should be of the object itself.  Zoom in!  Selling a belt?  There’s no need to show the entire avi. Yes, I know you look really cool as a model, but zoom in close to the belt and make it fill a majority of the frame, or crop out the unrelated subjects.  Showing the object from multiple angles is a good idea too.  (added:  Be sure the background doesn’t distract from the object – a beautiful background sounds nice, but might take the eye away from what your selling, and virtual photography needs as much clarity as you can get!)
  7. Text for Advertisements!  A cool name is fun – and maybe you and your friend LOL’ed for hours when you thought of it.  But, if you’re planning to sell to more than your friends, your advertising text needs to be informative and descriptive.  I troll the for items often – and there’s nothing more frustrating than an ad for “The Sascha” – with a photograph of a lovely avatar.  …Wtf is being sold?  The hair?  The shape?  A complete avi?  Be specific and make the words help you sell.  Leave no doubt what you’re selling.  (That said, too many words will confuse buyers and dilute the overall value of description)  Also, be sure you’re using the best spelling and grammar possible.  Get some help, ask for a proofreader!  Bad typing and language barriers shouldn’t appear in your ads!  (added:  Spellcheck is your friend – and speaking of friends, have them proofread your ads.  Not advertising in your native language?  Web translators are great, but often miss a word or two – skewing your message.  Once again, get another set of eyes to review your work!  This is often the first impression buyers will have of you – be professional!)
  8. Packaging.  You’ve gone to all this trouble to create a great product – why not optimize it?!  You can texture a basic box or have a special shopping bag – think of a packaging style to use for ALL your items and create a consistent look for them.  Inside the packaging, be sure to add an LM and any photos of your other products or notecard describing your business in greater detail.
  9. Branding or logo.  Some sort of signature mark on your ads and packaging can help shoppers remember you!  A unique logo is great, but branding can also be created through use of specific fonts, colors, borders, backgrounds, etc.  A consistent visual thread throughout your packaging.  (while it should be noticeable, it shouldn’t be more noticeable/distracting than the object your selling)
  10. Renting space for your store?  To save money, start small.  Resist selling your object in every color available until you see if the basic/best colors are well received.  A small store with a variety of items is more appealing than a store with 2-3 items, in 16 colors each!
  11. Selling on SL’s web Marketplace?  Pay attention to which words you enter in each box, and compare it to what you see when shopping.  The first words of your description may be all the “window shopper” gets to see.  Do those first words define well AND sound appealing to somebody who doesn’t know a thing about your object?  Review your listings often!  Try to see it with a blind eye – remembering that the shoppers need simple and clear information.
  12. Some bragging, but not too much!  It can be difficult to write an honest promotion for your own work.  Too many adjectives take away from the object and sound phony.  “A beautiful, charming, unique handbag” doesn’t tell me as much as “a casual black leather handbag.”
  13. CUSTOMER SERVICE An unhappy customer is 7x more vocal than a happy one.  In most cases, it doesn’t cost us anything to replace something for a customer.  Yes, I know they’re lying, presumptuous, unappreciative, rude and a fugly noob that can’t sort their own inventory – but, thank them for shopping with you and give them a replacement to shut them up!  *smiles* Remember how you’ve felt when trying to get a incomplete purchase resolved.  Did you have any patience for excuses?
  14. Groups, Profiles, blogs, websites,  and updates.  Web media is a great way to stay in touch with your customers.  Let them know what’s new.  Experiment with the different platforms to see which gets the best results.  My favorite group notices include notecards with photos of the new items – so I can decide if I want to bother TP’ing to the store.  A photo blog can do the same trick.  (added:  Like your advertisements, these need to have good spelling and grammar too!)
  15. Location, location, location!!  It’s cool if you’ve got your own sim/parcel for your shop, but, does it get traffic?  Consider a location in a neighborhood that matches your content.  Not much point putting your steampunk art shop on a sci-fi themed sim!
  16. InWorldz Specifically?  Well, this has been an interesting study for me.  I watch the growth numbers for IW daily, and it’s definitely climbing – slow, but steady!  As IWz is in beta, there’s a “hopeful rumor” that when physics comes – all will be more stable, and then everyone will come flooding to IWz, and business will rise….this really sounds great.  Yet, just how busy might that be?  For the meantime, I find it at an awkward stage.  Most the regulars here are creators themselves!  I’m not sure there’s much to do here (yet) if you don’t build.  Everyone needs fashion and avatar accessories, but I’m not sure there’s a big demand for home or shop supplies yet.  (since we’re mostly builders, we just build our own stuff)  There’s definitely a demand for building supplies!!  Many of the non-creators show up, stumble around frustrated with the beta/noobie feelings, leave, and wonder what the big deal is.  Maybe they’ll be back…?  I anticipate that it will continue to grow, yet it will be the rare item indeed that sells like hotcakes!  Currently, it’s a great time to create, set up shop, and establish your reputation.  As it’s currently difficult to search and tp, and pretty cheap to rent space, more than one location for a store is probably a good idea here.

Not sure how to move forward with your idea?  Feel free to write me, I’d be happy to talk about a strategy with you…but the first thing I’ll ask is, are you doing it for the passion?  If it’s just for the money, not sure I’ll be able to help you much 🙂  Good luck!

C'est moi, this week...

A Dancer’s Muse

Astoria della Mar, InWorldz

My prior report about prim counting will confirm that I also didn’t know a thing about building.  It was about six months before I rezzed my first plain wood box.  My mouse hand was actually shaking!  Today, my house hand is prone to pain and strain, from too much building!

Building skills and enthusiasm vary amongst my friends and acquaintances.  A few don’t/won’t/can’t build at all.  Many seem to build/create as needed – they have the basic skills and weigh out the time vs. expense for the object.  Yet, others are here specifically to create – creating objects/fashions for sale or exhibit.

A bouncy baby prim!

There are 2 components – skills and creativity.  Of course you need to know your way around the Build menu – but, having inspiration for something to create, is another story.

I hope I’m not the only one who used some other creator’s modifiable object to experiment with.  I took them apart and then made replicas.  It was a helpful tool for me!

This was a fun feeling of accomplishment, but… quickly grew dull.  My most coveted purchases were some non-mod vintage lamps – so I tried my hand at creating my own versions.

Oh they were beautiful!  A complex 3 prim concoction – it even glowed – sort of like a light.  I made a series in a wide variety of colors and quickly figured out how to sell them on!  I was going to be RICH from these babies!!

LOL, or not!  They were complete shit!

The First Creation!

Not a single lamp ever sold!!  Couldn’t people see my clever skills??  🙂

It was months before I tried my hand at anything else – and then it was for some steps and retaining walls – (look behind the lovely lamp) I wanted around Astoria.

Now that I was a BUILDER, look out!  I learned how to make a flexy plant with a transparency plant texture – and that was exciting, but when rezzed alongside Julia Hathor’s amazing plants (I own every single plant she has created!) my plants came up sorely lacking.

Other than wanting to save some money, (like with all those big texture packs!) there was no real unique creative inspiration behind my builds.

Since SL has amazing creations, I was able to fill the Astoria space with unique and beautiful objects.  I LOVED the antiques I could buy and had a blast decorating and landscaping.  I was actually quite proud to be supporting the SL economy!  It never occurred to me that anything would be more fun than shopping!

At some point during my 2nd year of 2nd Life, I realized that creating textures was often the key to unique objects.  I’d heard of PhotoShop, of course…but Jester Wildcat told me about GIMP, which I downloaded and began experimenting with.  Gads, it was complicated and I could do NOTHING!  Slowly, like everything else I learned – it started to become a helpful tool.

Eventually, in year 3, the skills became more useful, and gradually the creative ideas began to sneak in.  A few chairs, mirrors, a fireplace, beaded hippy curtains…I actually liked these items – and much to my surprise, people bought them!

Advertisement for my store.

I had shifted from buying endless amounts of antique crap to creating endless amounts of antique crap – and it was so much fun!   It was very satisfying to see an idea take shape.  So satisfying that it began to overshadow most everything else I’d come to SL for!  (but that’s a different blog)

Fast forward to October 2010 and my entrance to InWorldz.  I had so many great feelings about being there.  A fresh feeling, starting from scratch with an Inventory that contained only the basics (and sometimes not even those things!) and people that were so generous without being pushy or nosy!  A wonderful sense of camaraderie and a genuine desire to make IWz a good experience.

I went to a sandbox and began experimenting.  With so few textures, sculpt maps, etc in my inventory it was a unique feeling.  Somehow it made me think more logically about my approach to building.  I’d always “eyeballed” my builds in SL, but here…it dawned on me that the Edit tools could be put to better use and there might actually be something beneficial about geometric symmetry!  LOL …or perhaps I had  finally figured out how to use all the tools available.

At first, it seemed important to figure out how to transfer items from SL to IWz.  That didn’t last long, and quickly I was wanting to do the reverse!  I was liking my IWz creations better than my SL stuff…somehow, my IWz stuff was cooler, fresher, better quality.

Astoria Bandstand, InWorldz

Something has really been set free within me, since I’ve joined IWz!  For the first time, I actually feel creativity in my head!  I’m looking at RL with a different eye, contemplating the way to recreate certain things virtually.  I have a list on my RL desk …things I want to add to Astoria, IWz.  It keeps growing – even though I’m also drawing lines through completed items.

Of course it helps that IWz is so much less expensive than SL.  You can’t imagine how it feels to have 45,000 prims at your disposal.  Okay, maybe you can imagine!  🙂  I’ve always been a detail oriented decorator – and IWz gives me the freedom to do that.  Odds and ends scattered about, a calculated randomness to object placement, clusters or nooks for conversation or a cuddle, and the biggest detail of all – the skylines.

I have long been an enthusiast of the amazing virtual photography.  Check out the FlickR or KoinUp sites for SL/OS photos and you’ll see why!  These photographers of virtual content will get a blog from me, showing some of their great works.  But, until then, I must confess – more than any thing else in my IWz, they are currently Dancer’s Muse!

The Oasis IWz

What’s In a Name?

The Virtual Astoria Houseboat

It’s a long story, but I’m really partial to the name “Astoria della Mar” for my place in SL and IWz.   I think I had named my first patch of mainland “Dancer’s Place” or perhaps something even less clever!

I was indulging in my favorite pastime in 2007, virtual SHOPPING!  (that continued through 2009, fyi!)  I kept trying to understand this new thing I was seeing around SL…Steampunk.  It was a great architectural look and feel.  Victorian and a touch of goth – with neat mechanical gadgets and gizmos, usually made with great attention to detail (and prims).  I came to decide that Steampunk was a celebration of the age of invention, Tesla (noooo, not Edison!), and Victorian (including some bodice ripping).  While exploring some Steampunk themed sim I saw It…I had to have It…”It” being the Houseboat Astoria.

In spite of the fact I really didn’t have room for it on my land, I bought it.  It was beautiful!  So much detail – great textures.  It included documents describing it’s Real Life history – even photos and video!


The RL Astoria on The Thames

My new houseboat was a replica of a vessel really on The River Thames…right RealLife!  and, I was cool enough to have a virtual copy of it for my virtual space!

I learned that The Astoria’s original owner was Charlie Chaplin’s agent, Frank Karnac (sp) and it had been built in the early 1900’s – it was neglected over the years, until David Gilmore bought it, refurbished it and began using it as a recording studio for Pink Floyd (cool history, eh?)

This virtual replica “needed” to be crammed full of virtual antiques, and I made short work of that.  It became so lovely, so romantic – I couldn’t resist turning this, my home, into a “venue” – open for visitors!  To do this, I’d need a name….hmmmmm something with the word Astoria…..

I played with the name Astoria by the Sea – and somehow experimented with Spanish and Italian and….Astoria della Mar felt so right on my tongue – such a nice roll and rhyme.   To heck with the fact that a literal translation didn’t really work – this was a virtual reality!  To my ear, it sounded exotic, romantic and unique.  It set the tone for everything I did there after…and was certainly better than “Dancer’s Place.”

So there you have it.